Fountains of Favorableness

4 min readNov 18, 2019
Color Us Cheerful, Photo by BradensEye at Hotel McCoy, bowing to Maya Angelou and featuring Modern Aquarian

Boosting will always be more effective than beating. People deserve to be raised. Pulpits for all souls, not solely preachers, I say! Goodness lives even in those where it’s tarnished beneath any bricks of horror and trauma laid. The existence of celebration is meant for our masses. If we spend more time in glory, then the goods more readily deprive misery of its Macarena. Vexed by demonic headlines, hate decries love. It’s ok to be scared, but it’s never ok to take that fear out on others. Cussing, raging, and killing are evil. Monsters are afraid of the boogeyman too. There’s always a haunting inside someone if you see them acting out. The dark clouds of personality belie a softness needing respect and wanting attention. Accountability is karmas kissing cousin. We ought to react with an inquiry of self more than destruction outside of self. Pour forth your fountains of favorableness to trounce any dim of lightness.

Engage in other than being consumed by the chaos. ~Christ Church Charlotte, Pastor Joshua Case 8/11/19

It’s screening season in Los Angeles. My gal pal invited me to share an evening outing with her recently. When friends offer invites, I typically don’t bother to check the value of the production, as I’m trusting their desire to attend should match mine (notes the easiest-audience participator I know ~ me). The minute we settled in our seats, she leaned over to tell me that Adam Driver was planned to give a talk-back after the flick. My previous days of work melted in fast fashion just hearing his name. Driver’s made stellar choices for his career work. Watching him exhumes my love of the entertainment machine. The Report is a tale about justice. And justice is a tale that I think confronts the excavation from pandemonium to positivity. It’s a way that outlier persons charge the rule of following thumb with an analogous middle finger held high. Occupy optimism is the modus operandi.

In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact. ~Les Brown

I’ve shared scads of dialogue about life dramas with mates near and far of late. We practically idolize our gossip of critiquing. Why and who did what to whom and how generally appears to make our lives feel more together. Add the anxiety of awareness when we uncover ourselves as the culprit and we’ve hatched the hostility of an all-black rainbow. Clouds were meant to provoke a clearing, not clutter. Unavoidably, we’re going to cross paths with someone who abhors actions of auspiciousness. We’re missing elephantine impactfulness. Instead of swilling added stresses, express inspiration for yourself and the rest. Be the leader to lessen another’s blindness. Let the downpours turn every drop of rain to rainbows. Increased iridescence takes the tumult from you and us (playfully removing murk from: ‘tumultuous’). Shall we please cement sunshine in our code of ethics.

No one has ever become poor by giving. ~Anne Frank

I’ve watched more than a few humans I know slog along the parental spheres of putting in just as many hours with their tykes as they peak in career quarters. I’ve marveled at the space-time continuum that somehow manages to allow for their twenty-four hours being posited in both realms. Maybe your cloud is exhaustion. Probably you (we each) covet the space to accomplish it all with raving reportage. Your plea to be heard might fall on deaf or screaming ears. Possibly support took an extended vacation. Duration, interest, and treatment can distort our matrix. Abuses begin as fogs. Then obscure all stabilizing sight. Moving as if in an immortally misty haze, we lose the fortunate illusion of a polychromatic halo strengthening our spirit. Everyone takes these turns. Therefore, it’s up to us topside contenders to tweak others’ turvy. Reversed, a godsend likewise. Bending with benignity is where it’s at.

We only have what we give. ~Isabel Allende

Radiance is not reserved merely for those who cannot help but beam brightly. I totally do Surya Bonaly backflips when sharing the simplicity of elevation energy. I get a special kick out of addressing such consultations with misanthropic company. Undoubtedly, I’m able to quickly guarantee their own contribution to kindling some glow exterior to their shielded selfish center. Exult the time the flea-ridden dumpster kitten was mistaken for a large rat, only to be rescued with a deposit to a nearby vet for care. Else, the moment one gingerly woke a sleeping boss or loved one found draped at a desk at dawn, in order to move them to a comfy place of rest. We can give a gracious compliment or five-hundred dollars. Efforts of generosity are not in any tournament. Every one of them colludes on a cellular level to vaporize any haze. Besides, psychology shows The Joy of Giving Lasts Longer Than the Joy of Getting. Altruistic arrangements are the dancing anyone can do ~ like no one is watching or like everyone is.

There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights. ~Bram Stoker, Dracula

Sanction shine as your surrender.




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