Friendship Without Borders

BradensEye Without Borders

I roam lands near and far. I’m soonest mended through forests of friendships. Glory spots dotting the diary of my life are punctuated by the brilliance of a vast mosaic of humans I’ve met along the way.

A charmed circle expands around country road bends, curves through valleys, threaded along mountaintops, shimmering in sunlit trees, sailing across oceans and seas to riverbeds and streams alike. Gardens of city blocks to cottage villages abound. This is the law of my landscape. An anatomy of this life highways and byways to cultures and colors of people who compare to the best of history books.

No one is better than another. The driving force is the sprawling consciousness of an escapade to enlighten my being with a sense of community beyond my birth. The result continues to grow like an ocean of triumphant bandits charging forth to diagnose the dolphins dreamy and uncanny constant smiles. From Southern belles to Native Americans, or East Indians and way beyond.

I’ve elected and perfected the art of connection in so many shapes and languages. I may spin the wheel of a globe to randomly pinpoint my finger and often find I know someone. Where today? Majorca. Alaska. Paris. Hawaii. India. Africa. Brussels. Bali. Colombia. The Caribbean. Australia. Utah. New Zealand. New York. Vancouver. Tanzania. Thailand. Florida. Florence. Oh, the portable possibilities that are my proof of the thunder point punch of zesty esprit!

Friendship without borders makes me feel expansive. The genetic beauty of my friendship DNA appeases this soulful soup I’ve enshrined as a superior life. I welcome the express family this creates. I delight in dining on the library of pasta I’ve learned, or how I’ve dubbed myself an heiress of bread and cheese and gelato. I’m considered a local by the mere ‘hood’ I encounter being within the viable presence of my friends as living talismans for my global currency.

The future waves of social media offer everyone this partnership with a more comprehensive clutch of friends. Even if you never leave your home, you may build up and down all directions an unlimited array of friends. I believe we amplify when we let go of the porcelain projection of ‘difference’. When we aren’t watchers we wake to the oneness.

Progressive and nostalgic, I see global commonality. Beyond borders extinguishes the games we play as cultures tearing and testing that media all too often exacerbates.

May your friendship blessings always and in all ways extend the very idea you ever had of borders. May the only borders you foresee be as vaporous as the birds’ paths in the air.

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