Cheers to Refreshing You, Selfie

Balance can be a beastly burden. We over complicate our routes to serenity. We define circumstances based on external stimuli. We spend too many daily minutes responding as if any other person has control over us. We lash out. We dish out complaints, critiques, and whine. Wearing your poopy attitude flamboyantly outward at the expense of another I like to call a mad case of the frosty feelings.

Consider what you cling to so tightly. Is there anything holding you back from your greatness? Are these opinions, beliefs, people, circumstances, places, or work weighing you down? Do your thoughts about any of them resemble true facts, or do you create that unfounded credit? How are you truly treated? Does anyone really have you in their crosshairs, or are you manifesting the idea that you’re that focus merely because you’re caught in upset or left out? If you are the target then here’s much more reasoning to distance yourself from whatever is causing the arctic rumble.

We’re overly committed to our foibles, drama, and disdain. Suffocating ourselves for what is unreal, not happened yet, and definitely any explosive angst aimed your direction is unkind at best. I don’t believe people prefer suffering. I certainly don’t wish to dish unhappiness as a common theme for anyone. Even those who’ve so wronged me or others, I’d rather simply create a great divide between. I trust karma to work its way through.

We freeze up our radiance when triggered by melancholy moods. When we’re Frozen we attract and cause devastation. Sometimes we don’t mean to belabor our flailing, but we stick to stuck in the frosted feelings mode. Lamenting endlessly may dissuade friends or family from connecting when we need it most. We sacrifice our innate access to joy if we forget we’re equipped to build and walk the bridges of peace within us. Even Disney knows letting it all go is the goal. Realizing there’s an option to let us breathe easy and free is the twist.

Exit. Don’t act out. Step away if you don’t like ‘it’ — the look on her face, that he brought a date and it’s not you, the odor, the fact you’ll tip the scale over 200 pounds if you keep consuming at this rate, someone else’s promotion, pocketbook flaunting, children, rain, shine, gum chewing, the news, any of ‘it’. We are the masters of our universe. We get to choose happy instead of sad, spending or not, acting out and anger or giving our time to better people, loneliness or freedom, pizza or escargot. Each instant we can opt in or out of our self-control.

We don’t need a license to be a grown-up. Yet too many torrential times I’ve been the person or witnessed another, where maybe such a requirement would be useful. I’m not proud of any of my antics or audacity to unleash any feverish pitch. However, I’ve worked hard to longer maintain a more vigorous mantra of stifling any sluggish self-esteem leanings. Pulling myself out of assuming deceptively essential shadows is not always easy. Finding the light in darkness took some hard rewiring about what is happiness.

When our bodies or minds don’t sync, can’t sync, or are ill literally or in spirit, we succumb to simmering abominable behaviors. Without a cure for the icy arctic blues, we make poor choices. Being cooped up when you crave sunshine can be tough. Although, I’ve found idle versus adrenaline outrage an ally. Staying in, declining invites, and solo exploring are just a few tricks of my trade-off for cooling down composure. So what if the person I feel demonic about confirmed attendance to that big blow-out party I wanted to go to, I can have a movie-marathon eve in with me, or a dance party night on the town with my best girlies, accept a deserving date, or solo spa my way back to bliss.

How to traverse from the chilly effects searing a duality of brightness to bleak requires a mental roadmap. You owe it to your super self to regain your personal power anytime it begins to drag you under. Healthy psychology showing the leaps of self-discipline providing self-love is an imperative start. All actions I must keep a faithful effort to exhibit, especially in stressful or femininely menstrual times when my body is a bit weaker. It took me decades of wreckage to learn the art of non-engagement, markedly with glee and grace.

Frankly, your frigid is only freezing your flexibility to find a solution. Leave the Siberian-style numbing as play for the winter skiers and sled dogs. Join my pursuit of saving chilly for the s’mores surrounding of a snowy star-spangled night. I’ve got a life mission to squash regret. I believe inside of everyone lives the same type of soul craving hugs, love, and affectionate warmth.

Stop the frosty feels and melt with me.

P.s. Jingle below for humor sake to the tune of Frosty the Snowman:

Frosty the Feelings
Where once was a happy soul
With a corncob up the bum and a wriggled nose
And eyes darting dagger holes

Frosty the Feelings
Made the humans rant and rave
And were they relieved when
Before their brains
Alternatives paved a way

There must have been some mojo
In that old web link they found
For when they read aloud it said
Their heads could turn around

Frosty the Feelings
Kick them to the curb
And the prophets say
We can thrive and stay
Just keeping unperturbed

Frosty the Feelings
Knows some chills are hard to fight
But a battle to pin
And secure the wins
Before anger reigns its might

So out goes your madness
With a pile of choices galore
Succeeding here and there everywhere you dare
Knowing less insane brings more

Life onward keeps testing our paths
At almost every drop
So when we pause and go it slowly
We best control a stop

Frosty the Feelings
Will always lead you astray
But to bid goodbye
Singing fly fly fly
You’ll be well on your way

Thumpety thump thump
Thumpety thump thump
Let your frosty go
Thumpety thump thump
Thumpety thump thump
Happy feelings flow

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