MORE, Please, Photo by BradensEye featuring a Jim Bunkelman surplus

Rather reasonably, on beyond goodness is decent doting. Especially justified during the rigors of anxious affliction, I feel we’re obligated to dive deeply into our wells of fortune. Fragile times deserve the finer filling of a buxom bulge akin to those noble splurges decadent royalty think is all theirs. But, therein lies the real rub. What it requires to set the mind in motion for notating as if it’s rolling in a cornucopia of Ri¢hie $ Ri¢hness is substantially the cha-ching of funding one’s thankfulness. You’ve got to grab hold of your appreciation. You’ll want to take it to great lengths, out on dates, around the block, on all of your rides, as high as the sky, between the sheets, and within every plump stumping of your bliss. Why you learn the wherewithal of furtherMORE separates you from the sad sacks. It’s never been all about the money, honey. Better, it’s bringing home the bacon of your blessings.

More is more and less is a bore. ~Iris Apfel

I’ll divulge for you that I didn’t come factory-installed with the gratitude attitude. I don’t recall ever blatantly ignoring any towering endowments molding me. But, admittedly, I spent a fair too many days of my living without acknowledgment for each premium paving my pathways. However, granting oneself the bonus-behaviorism isn’t always easy-pleasy. Your average human doesn’t forecast an obligation to the framework of respect for all of the minute details that encompass their valuables. In general, I believe that we mean to perceive our pleasures wrapped in the loving arms of awareness. Although, with a closer inspection you’re likely to have an erroneous cadre missing some mega gems. They say ‘A penny for your thoughts’, yet I’ll bet that if we upped the penny to a buck we might remember to tuck more merrymaking under our belts. Elation abounds our ambiance.

Is your microscope sassy with stagnation or a magnificent stroking of your cup-runneth-over immensities? Not one thing of glad tidings is worth leaving out. I’m famous in my circles as a bit of a benefit-broadcast junkie. I crave the comfort of boiling happiness and sharing the heated warmth as far to wide as it can go. We’re classically besieged by so much dickhead dumpiness throughout existence that we need to balance it all with ample breaths of awe. Exceedingly in the throes of nuttiness comes the primary chance to park yourself amongst the communion of exorbitant personal polishing. Waltzing the aisles of nature is summarily a sweet start for me. Marveling over the elaboration that Mother Earth crowd-sources to produce her artworks is a centerpiece of my enjoyment entourage. Calculating the adorable number of prized kisses I’ve received isn’t a distant runner-up, either.

This is the place and the time ~John Mayall, Don’t Deny Me

For the hackneyed record, more isn’t solely waiting to push us forward. Sometimes, it’s the life rug yanked so fiercely from beneath your feet you’re baffled to find that “MORE” is one of the few things staring back at you in an ill-fated aftermath. Malibu fires ravaging your communal pool party paradise to ashes seared an idea of hopeless fear for awhile. It’s these times when you’re found splurging on more tears, compared to a usual gluttony of glitter and giggles. Yes, this planet happens to have destruction and dismantling up its sleeves. And, in spite of all energetic fangs, perpendicular to trauma’s horizontal flatlining lay feats of splendid scripture. Slowly, where it seems there’s nothing left at all arises coping respiration. Maybe, eagerly expecting you, were new digs, a survivors club of killer friends, and multiple occasions to claim a lofty lease on eternity because your core is indebted to adaptability.

Rattling round our feeble emotions is the probability of fabled redemption. Our anatomy straddles shock to charm elegantly. Interspersed across the landscape of any refuse is acceptance. Support-shapers are sequences that stretch to infinity. If you’ve never broken down to the tiniest feature all ingredients for one of your favorite items I challenge you to try it. I’ve observed that it’s akin to a Ph.D. in grace. Say aloud a nod of praise for every touch played in constructing your phone. From all specs of tech to the colors to packaging or whatever mail system supplied it as your courtesy. Same as considering all steps that went into water rushing from your tap. Perhaps your depression is bridled by gifting others on your birthday. Likewise, I relish a similar vein game in the name of an anti-vain rating. The locomotion of punches is able to be quite quixotic if you allow it. Root more romance inside your weakness.

More Natural Decor, Photo by BradensEye

May you load your reservoir of satisfaction with utmost rejoicing.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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