Fury Inflamed

4 min readJun 1, 2020
Neither Black Nor White ~ All Heart, Photo by BradensEye

Another dead body is all the score we need. This one allowed. It wasn’t interrupted. No one watching and filming was able to stop a public murder in progress. We’re not in the 1880s nor the 1960s lynchings era! Much less whatever underground, unreported, though sometimes making it to mainstream news acts of ending life are occurring anyway. I’m fatigued contemplation. I’m depleted with a lack of sleep monitoring my family and friends nationwide. But any of my worries or might pales in comparison to those who aren’t with us anymore. The descent is to think of their humanity. Their families left in the wake of their loss. They seek to provide for their families to be able to sit to eat dinner, earn, and prosper. We gotta begin where we ended. Today. Now, is our vantage. We’ve authorized the repetition of shameful narrative far long enough. Every ounce of fury inflamed is a justified pounce to bounce the hate away. SO. MANY. LIVES. GONE.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light. ~Dylan Thomas, Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night

America known as a leading country is a joke presently. Leading what exactly? Racism. Discrimination. Laughable liberty and injustice for all? We are fundamentally unbalanced because we started there. We established words that didn’t match our reality. Our bloodied constitution and pledges of allegiance appeal to equality plus “liberty and justice for all” but left off your two intentional words: “white people”. You wrote “all” as blacks suffered the wrath of your slavery and beyond. Ashamed. Polluted. Predictable you are with your entitled hypocrisy and your political electoral manipulations. I’m done with dictatorship masquerading as Presidency. When you prey that voting is a chore too hard to make for the herd you’ve corralled us into being. So that your pocketbook strings can be pulled more easily another four years. These are my four years too, not yours alone. It’s morally right to plead for the path of illumination.

My heart beats as black as a clear midnight sky so many of us gather in awe under to peer at the stars with wonderment. Why can some see a vast night sky of darkness and be lifted with awe but they cannot see a sea of colored people with the identical deference? I stand, but wavering, with my fellow USA brother and sister humans who are exhausted from fighting, along with those whose ferocity is…


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