Genesis of Catharsisism

Struck to My Core, Photo by BradensEye

Stand by me. Stand by you and yours. Stand for what works for you and that which supports others joy, ease, comfort, strength, success, and happiness. This might be that missing cup of sugar someone needs for the birthday cake they’re baking for their daughter, but are missing from their cupboard with no time to get to the market. Maybe you’re signing that dotted line on the deal that will bring your stature into the million makers mark. Sometimes this is a hug for that soul whose eyes have nearly lost all trickles of hope. The genesis of catharsisism is born of any action where one chooses to uplift themselves or another.



ca·​thar·​sis | \ kə-ˈthär-səs \

plural catharses\ kə-​ˈthär-​ˌsēz \

Definition of catharsis

1a: purification or purgation of the emotions (such as pity and fear) primarily through art

b: a purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension

2: elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression


As we rise up it’s an ascension for our entire world. If we accelerate together we offer a multiplication factor to upsurge empowerment across borders, boundaries or classes. Our actions crush the status quo of striving for perfection, allowing being and doing to bury any waiting for progress to simply drop in our laps. The root is an ease of boosting our bliss through advancing fulfillment in whatever forms we individually excel. This is never about competition between people. Instead, here is determination to provide relief of life hiccups by absolute (re)generation of soul explosive prosperity. Witness inner work proving positive for yourself and much more beyond you.

In a world where irony reigns, where you have to separate, protect and laugh at anything that is honest or has an emotional charge, I bet for catharsis. I like to invest emotionally in things. And catharsis, when it touches the emotional vein, can open the doors of even those who protect themselves. ~Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

I bend to the rupture of electricity puncturing the Earth’s atmosphere. Lightning strikes and I come alive. Any semblance of a mild thinking consequence turns into emotional fortune. I formulate clarity in nature. An expansiveness of vistas, especially one with bursting brilliance infatuate catharsis for within me. Lightning is a commonplace any of my anxiety births metamorphosis of a better boom. I think the big hits of Mother Nature shout leadership. They cry to me urging my snap to attention for rewarding myself with freeing behaviors. When we naturally give way to challenges through working on ourselves, devising our weakness or wonders on the plane of our drive to what we prefer to achieve, we stand the chance to fall in love with life.

Life experience is our greatest source of expertise. People mistaking our care or protection of values for an attack is polarization. You could be me. I could be you. The true source for cleansing is connecting to similar stories. We are not alone on a desert isle. Deliverance from living purgatory lies in uncovering what parts you may be missing that keep giving rise to a refinement of your best self. Equal to being brave enough to continue to ask yourself what elements of your own story might you be missing is the question whether you may be ignoring aspects of others stories that lend alternative to distill us to the grace spot where we may all join as one. Even that harshest circumstances we feel are inhumane may unite us on the common ground as ‘human’. If we can find but one strain of correlation I believe there is room for hope to pierce and prevail.

The dawning of movements ridding our planet of defeat has been flowing throughout time. When matters are worse we tend to see and hear more infractions against hate. If anything, I remain prideful for the technological aspects of ability to get to know people around the globe I might never meet in person in such times. It does not matter if anyone knows about your little or bigger moments. No one else has a front row seat to your life. What counts is are you following those things you can’t not do. Your undeniable purpose defines your calling. Frequently, when called upon we are urged to give things up and pursue a plan most different to what others see fit for us. The best career you may ever have is listening to the projection of your loving desires to render them living, obeying their every beauty.

May your own origins for a rightfully cathartic esprit flatter with eagerness.



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