Royal Vision, Photo by BradensEye

Euphorically expressing your incarnation appropriately is where the angels want you to be. I spend a lot of my time finding, dusting off, and sometimes being surprised with the cobwebby alcoves in the halls of gratitude. I’m sure you’d debate alongside me about the well-established fact that everything doesn’t swerve up our personal alleys so sweetly. Breaking down ironically trends toward composition. Exactly what we put into making something work is what makes it a sticky thickness of solid attire or that fractured funk we should be quick to junk. Go with gusto for the gilded gratitude embellishment instead. Architecting a loving living is about observing the lingo of luxuries all around you. Tapping the roof like the ceiling is life’s tangy cherry chart-topper mode of luscious sustenance. The sooner you stop scantily cladding your positivity mind the better.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others. ~

I can look at a stunning sunset to solely see a beautiful sky or I can receive the vigorous punch of Spirit’s style. Such hues birth an energetic stream of uplift to stoke any fires my belly has been begging I flame. It’s a wild wonder we fall short so often with enlivening elements at our eternal fingertips. Coincidentally, take the column holding up this ceiling right in front of me. Were it not there, would the hands that installed it to the ones who built it have mixed up the mold, maybe I’d be soon laid out upon the ground, interred too soon for a sister only halfway down the done road. As well-faring veins would have it, this opulent property perches me deep in riches. I don’t lay claim to the mortgage, nor bear the care of incidentals, as I’m just passing through. Where we credit our command for grasping the sympathy of our fate is no accident.

A wisest ponderance I’ve taught myself is that it’s not any of your lives or loves I’d prefer to mine so much as relishing the flavoring of my own lot. “” is the chant I wish we all might aspire to be. Yet, the hymns of hardship are in tenacious quantity. Feeling jacked is no small quack. But, I want to take the ounces of my everything with gushing spoonfuls of extra cream. The more liberally I lather my gait with gratitude the more immaculate spaces surround me. May we be admirable in our guiltless tastebuds for the contagious infection of spawning golden atmosphere. It’s when the shade from a grain of sand has become the size of one’s blame. Improving chicly lands above hoarding barbaric bindings to juxtapositions which only suit your suffering. Fill the intricacies of your garb with the twinkly loins compassionate cosmology.

This is something else
Something more than you and me ~

I think I pray as much as the evangelical preachers working to fill their pews and circus tents for busting out at the seams. I’ve asked through torrential tears and guffaws or jeers. I’ve thrown my blessings from rooftops to the clouds above or streets below. A plethora of pardons has been born as whispers only to the caverns from an ear to my other ear. Sometimes it’s me beseeching an advancement for my country or another culture. At times, I plead for the snorer beside me to be assuaged. Others, it’s the same for me. No one ever taught me how or why to sing my voice through words as a request nor statement. Nevertheless, it’s as I began to worship the value of honing my homage to humanity that I buried the concertos of blasé. If you’re going to be gaudy, please step up your attractiveness with the flamboyant display of polarizing praise.

My writing can splay like the difference between the dollop of a baby puddle to the distance of an ocean blue. I’m able to locate the state of behaving as if bogged down with a great burden by it all too easily. Suddenly, a single series of letters — also known as a word — disposes itself for my sensory pleasure to perceive. Else, the theatrics of a tune train my ears with salaams I can’t ignore. De facto, a latest twenty-four hours of my roaming my laptop keys inclusive of some audio support attested my shockingly adorable ability to the same song more than five occasions ~ each investigation spurred by how touched I was by the melody. (For those who like to play along, you’ll find .) Clear from a self-defeating haze, I giggled aloud every new attempt to discover the identical glorified group awarding my aura. Selecting a psychology of riches is supremo. Diffusing our intake that splendor abounds is the penultimate sovereignty.

Gold Plated Grace, Photo by BradensEye

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