Goofiness Guide To Good Living

Sandy Antics, Photo by BradensEye featuring kinfolk hilarity

Lighten upward in lieu of bummer burnout. The ever-wittiest comedy of errors is when we’re missing any of it from our days. Life should be your newfangled favored sitcom if you’re handling it with the best of buffoonery. Even while shenanigans of your kids plagiarizing papers mix the fear of faltering grades with your scotch and DJ hot tub hours, there’s room to make delight with bubbly fart jokes. People populated with the pizazz of plentiful funny bones are more likely armed with decongestant capacities. They’re equipped with intrepid silliness that strips overt suction of seriousness. Often we simply need to step out of our own way. So, grab a chapter from the goofiness guide to good living to garnish your gain. A keg full of jolly has been known to twist a normal party planet into the legendary realm.

I’m a hot-wired heat seeking warm-hearted cool customer,
Voice activated and biodegradable. ~
George Carlin, The Modern Man

Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Mood who longed for the attention of the slapstick street vagrants instead of some Princely dude. When abounding with the freedoms of meeting whomever she doth choose, her rapture would capture the softness of hopping bunnies savvy business deals, attentively rare unicorn picnic playdates on skates, and gives her countless conduits of choice for a true soul mate. All, as opposed to submissively succumbing to the consortium’s notion of her hottest date. It was enough to poof away those doldrums of pouty insolence from the forlorn kingdom wishing she’d remain a traditionalist. Amassed with such sterling daffy-discernment, she behooved the grooves train as an underground (and redundant to note underrated) DJ for hip rebellions. You can GPS her badass via the latest Looney Is For Lovers smart-alecky app.

All it takes is one giant pickle for me to fantasize about cramping into faux fairytale shoes. Jumping the queues of quandary is where my cells prefer to skew. It plain sucks to be down on one’s luck. Yet, that’s the perfect moment to be up all night to getting plucky along the parody lines of Get Funky’s imbecility. Forever floundering in futility is a waste that has the same taste. So what that you drove excessive miles to slog your bloodline to the beach on a mammoth winds-whipping, sand-biting, lack of sweet shine kind of afternoon. If anything, that’s greater ammo for startling shows of folly. Absurdity carries constant cures, where plagues can only pray for relief. If you’re unwilling to stroke your silly psyche abreast of my dippy demeanor, we were never meant to fondle anyway. Let’s embellish any hellishness with a plethora of tomfoolery.

To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress
It’s easy to do just follow these steps
1, cut a hole in a box
2, put your junk in that box
3, make her open the box
And that’s the way you do it ~
Akiva Schaffer / Andy D. Samberg / Jorma Taccone / Justin R. Timberlake / Katreese Barnes, Dick In A Box

Numerous aspects of schooling always seemed a drag for me (and not in that horny slow-toke-on-a-clove-cigarette or 420 joint sorts of style). But, then I began to notice those cute class-clown boys to the intellectually loin-lusting professors had a lot of juicy noise to impart comparative to the chores homeland had waiting for me. Their shameless affectations are where my affections pined to reach. It took me light-years beyond a few relational hiccups to assess that the humans I ought to be gravitationally superglued to were those ridonculously gifted with the goof genes. (*sigh* ~ Picture Amy Schumer sighing the size of a humpback whale’s copulation ritual). One of the happiest accidents of my birthing is that fate’s traded me a sizeable share of traumas for family to friends skilled in the art of being plastered with laughter.

Imagine if you could order a Good Humor truck to ‘ding-a-ling’ drop in whenever things felt poorly backward or muddling deeply stranded in slow-mo. I think that modernistic doctors have misplaced tons of available ‘medicine’. Conversely to the drug crisis, visualize that we may be told to adopt our inner jester panache. Where your theatrically chuckling opera organically lowered your blood pressure and dissolved diabetes. Why just ponder our flair for these unique ‘prescriptions’ becoming amusing and alleviating. Even insert a snatch of embarrassing you’d usually hesitate to grasp: Please consider daring a plan to pee or poop your pants at least one instance of your Earthly stay because you were giggling so hard you didn’t make it to the pot in time! It’s made for superbly frothy stories within my authenticity fanfare.

A Typical Recreation, Photo by BradensEye featuring comical cousin Jim

May we learn to pooh-pooh most of those loser pranks barring pathway to our positivity.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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