Grappling with Our Grind

Crushing the Comfort Curve, Selfie

One should never leave the sense to unwind up to chance. What is delivered to us is what we delve to dig into. Pulverizing your productivity with the defect of missing ease is quite an erroneous error. I can pretty much be plopped down near any body of seductive water for the embers of exertion to begin their slip into the liquid. Stress appears to literally sizzle out of my skin, away into the atmosphere, as if some giant magnetic pull suddenly has more power than any griping client. The price of a prosperous job may be filling your pockets, pension, or even promiscuity. Yet, you may be failing to measure the cost to your health, those around you, and your integrity. It’s a praiseworthy ROI (return on investment) to pummel some grievous granules of our strenuousness. Think of this symmetry as courteous grappling with our grind. Urbane renderings of yourself fit the filter of a terrific tomorrow. The diplomatic tack for weighing your toil against your slack is very debonair.

In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you. ~Leo Tolstoy

My forties have unfurled my most opposing personal aspects more starkly than prior ages. The process has included a serious assessment of this babe’s ‘house.’ (i.e. body, mind, and spirit). Taking inventory has led to a revelatory estimate. Beforehand, I might quickly be leering at the lounging legs of posh people sunning across a pool-scape, poo-pooing their lack of speed as I whizzed by with my arms and ears full of demands to caretake. Nowadays, I’m living less vicariously. I’ve received the comparable cushiness of their limp limbs through my own escapades. I’ve tasted the glutinous side of the coin where time stands still, news media doesn’t matter, and the only fair reason to snap more selfies is that you’re living a postcard-life moment of produced perfection you want to prove is attainable. We’ve gotta abandon slavery in order for it to completely dissipate. However sooner you accept your own terms without constant chores, the closer you are to emancipation. The extent to which you spice your intervals provides a sweeter disposition.

It is in vain to say human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquility; they must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it.~Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

Admittedly, I’ve been more so an alchemist of suave slogging. My eyes were always trained on the prize of adding unique effectiveness to my resume. There’s a vibrant allure when you’re career highlights include the realm from name-dropping notables to eco-warrior wears, along with slices of politics or purification gurus. I get around because I traditionally get off on subjugation of servitude. Word travels faster than speeding bullets when you’re known for being a hard worker. Everyone wants a piece of your labor. Bondage is not entirely without fun. The internet, plus more than a few franchises, have that brag practically patented. Disparity arises if glory is absent from the grinding. It is not that we should commit to omitting the domination of efforts from employment to childbirth and beyond. Conversely, let us enclose enough compromise within all our driving strive. My bet is that your sweat will be precious when it comes with tender intermissions. Giving pause actually gives rise to superior enterprise.

Learning to calm down the winds of your mind, and you will enjoy great inner peace. ~Remez Sasson

Shredding pressure is what keeps the Soul Cycle’s of the world in business. Of course, you may seek such business simply to be fit. But I know that a good tuning of my body’s core from exercise to yogic stretching or meditatively melting away as many minutes as I’m able to are activities that function to, fortunately, influence me. Truthfully, all ounces of our experiences come bathed in suds of balance. When we’ve racked up a double-shift, the sound of our snoring might be the only ticket we need. If we’re sopping wet from sun-drenched play, it can really make us feel wonderful to crank out a financial report before our next catnap. Allow me not to recognize you because you are precisely attuned with the lap of luxury. When in such concert, it is hopefully impossible to distinguish one’s work from their play. Frolic succeeds as part of the formula of applying one’s industrious elbows. The quiescence of peaceful clarity and wherewithal to induce sensible bliss is the heart of grappling with our grind.

You can develop any habit or thought or behavior that you consider desirable or necessary. ~Brian Tracy

The triggers are yours to pull. If we want a life upgrade it’s up to us to improvise or improve. Maybe you’ve only got time to pump up the volume during rush hour drills as you’re homebound. But, at least you can belt out your beautiful voice to anyone in shouting distance or for your own melodic ears to be reminded of the sound of your talent. I’ve taken my show on the road. As a founding member of what I’ll call the Salty Crew (for sake of today’s photo bombshell), I wage the wars of my grind against the backdrops of beach spots or a rare private island hideaway to any new passport stamp I’m able to secure. My barefoot toes buried in the sand while I’m plugging in the variables for a project via my laptop have transformed my hiring goals. I’m proud of the astounding work ethic that ensues with the pursuit of pleasant scenery. I find peak developments of my health performance with increased fitness when I’m away from home base. As such, I’ve watched my grind turn from a wrestling tackle to confident coping. Targeting a routine of personal equality is the mixture to concoct a superlative you.

There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place. ~J.K. Rowling

Live so remarkably that your tales are the one others aim to live up to.

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