Bucolic Hooky Nook, Photo by BradensEye in the beauty of Bermuda

There is simply no room for denial in the deserving dessert of our lives. Making time for the sweet course is apt to set the very same path for your life. When it comes to sneaking some pleasure into all of our manic timing, we’re merely asked to fall in love with the Unchained Melody of moving outside of our norm. Control has its harmony. The alarm clock will holler if we’ve remembered to set it and all is juiced up. We may predict the paycheck will come after we’ve put in the sweat equity. The electrical will keep us lit if those bills are paid. We’ll be able to buy the colorful new threads so long as we’re scaling equilibrium within our budgeting. Self-control is an aspect of resistance regarding the extremities begging our attention. But a surrender to balance throbs inside that very shield of perceived policing restraint. Every fondness for the tastes of freedom is actually part of the puzzle that maintains our composure. Harnessing plentiful portions of hooky provides a stronger percentage of happy humans.

Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing. ~Miles Davis

Igniting the hooky flame is about capturing sparks of unforgettableness. Since establishing my appetite for remote-worker lifestyle, the proximity for some hooky has bloomed. I can get just as many emails or phone calls accomplished with the scenic view of the ocean or a pool compared to the four walls that used to surround me. In fact, I tend to be more productive in paradisiac places. I chalk this up to the ability to dive beneath the waters or soak in a tan while summoning clientele and solving world issues. Everyone merits creating a space to melt your mania and rein in some hooky haven. Do you have one of those wishlists with items you’ve not (yet) highlighted with your favorite fat marker? Tackling the time bombs that go off too regularly is key. When we ratify our own treaties of tolerance we make way for unprejudiced indulgences. Stimulation has been a sensational application for more than a few ecstatic elements of our physical or mental selves. Arouse your inner requests to live a lot more than a little and get to it!

Some of the best memories of my childhood I have are the times that I played hooky from school so I could spend my days in the public library reading all the wonderful books at my disposal. ~Woody Allen

Draped in a grandiose hooky is unspoiled access to whatever lights and lightens us up, especially when burnout has been aflamed. On a recent incandescent day, I exercised my hooky muscles. I slipped back under the cool sheets after a pre-sunrise mental alert wakening. Candy-crushing my dreams again, the cheery Calypso alarm jostled me into a sashay as I peeled funk from my teeth at an hour closer to lunch than breakfast. I gathered a bundle of fresh chicken eggs from the coop and began to whip a huge delight for my tummy that was a far scramble from the daily grind. What barely qualified as brunch by anyone’s watch was topped with a tailored personal pick of dairy-free Cold Brew with Coconut Cream Jeni’s delight. Then my body moseyed a perambulatory two-mile trek to a darling swimming club experience. Here I enjoyed jolly families frolicking in the pool coupled with the eye-candy doppelgänger for Stranger Things hottie “Steve” lounging as a shirtless lifeguard in his shades (and out of context compared to same series “Billy” in this role). Dipping my hands into their free book bin closed out my public wetness, which was then substituted for a late-night bubble bath engrossed in the pages after having been treated to a superb supper reunion with beloved high school friends. Letting your whims guide you can be the healthiest handbook.

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. ~Alice Morse Earle

Capturing a bit of hooky can turn the troubles with anything right-side up. A unique purpose in straying from our patterns is to become accustomed to finding new parameters which perk us up. Say your boss unleashes weekly screaming matches, aiming to end your self-esteem and threatening your bank account flow (true story). You no longer merely qualify for some hooky, the need has been detonated! What a patch of perfection a day for myself can make in the swing of my insulted and tired emotions. One prized piece of treasured me-time moments is mapping my next excursion. The glee I receive from knowing a trip is on the horizon does so much good. Enveloped in a relationship, a little hooky does rhyme well with nooky, if you know what I mean (wink wink libido to all things cupidity). Setting your standards for streaming moments of folly into any otherwise unsympathetic phase is why I encourage cohabitation with some high-class hooky.

You can never go too far. ~Ferris Bueller, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Occasionally our urges filter to elite distraction status. Burning Man was one gigantic hooky jam with my forever friends beginning in 1999. Out there was hookying to the hilt. For a few years in a row, we made the annual commitment to boldly go where only a few we knew had been before, regardless of our bosses vacation request replies. One girlfriend notably sacrificed her entire job for the travel, while the rest of us remained lucky to weasel the time off, or capture some unemployment payments. The more you cover your buns professionally, the greater likelihood you’re gonna hook more hooky for future romps. It was never defiance to our career path. Rather, such hooky’s are a sizzling, disruptive diversion that can furnish us with more submission when we return to toil.

Irreverence is a way of playing hooky and remaining present at the same time. ~Mary Ruefle

Keep in mind that responsibility is hooky’s cousin. Speaking of a lack of work, this can be an optimal instance for getting some of your crowning hooky on. There’s nothing like a load of days in a row unexpectedly to quench some of that hooky spirit that’s been building up inside of you. Heck, have a hooky party and invite everyone without a plan, job, or who’s also into the hooky mood to join you on a cheat-n-chill weekday in, at the movies for a three-banger back to back trio of flicks, or a well-groomed day of scheduled adventuring on the road, out of town, skipping off to salacious Vegas, or localizing your best efforts to accomplish whatever art, foodie, or festive ideas you wish to grab. Promoters have even caught on to this buzz. There’s rightfully healing play in the hooky arena for kids taking this coveted hijack to heart as well. If we forget to take care of ourselves with the timeouts we warrant the backlash can be disrespectful disobedience gone awry. Besides, a big helping of hooky is a huge wellness benefit physically. Do not let yourself down with a shortage of excuses why you should hooky. Many of the rewarding “re’s” apply: relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration, and rehabilitation. Consider hooky your tool anytime you require a resurrection.

Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom. ~German Proverb

Let illustrious moments clock your growth with notable hookieness.

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