Haute Folly

4 min readApr 1, 2022
Go Big or Go Home, Photo by BradensEye featuring a favorite human in true form

Happiness is no joke. It’s realistically a birthright. Even though some of us might never slide into its complete achievement, it’s ours for the attempting and the receiving. Similar to the guests you can’t wait to see at your home, that excitable outing, the wrapped gift with your name upon it, the nirvana of occupying your breathing intervals is akin to a visitor we welcome. It comes and it goes. But that it arrives at all is key. Quite less about muscling and with a greater focus on the room we create to allow its company is our bonanza bright spotting. Upper crusting your days from the drab debris that can be lobbed at us anytime is a primary means for inoculating ourselves from the ills. Stern yearnings simply won’t do for a life to be stacked with enough ease. Starved for fathoms of goodness is no loving inheritance. Instead, salute a plethora of haute folly presenting.

It’s a quest for fun. I’m gonna have fun and you’re gonna have fun. ~Clark Griswold by Chevy Chase, National Lampoon’s Vacation

Abundantly finding the merriment feels to me like it ought to encompass the bulk of waking hours we spend in aliveness. It’s minus the pushing it out of us and weighs strongly on our ability for pulling it out in any duration of need to lark. However, this troubled planet has most of us wound so stiffly we can’t even touch our toes, let alone wriggle our noses to make someone else nearby wonder why our faces are looking so funny, nor leap over or splash into puddles, walk backward just to change it up a bit, or anything else of the tomfoolery variety. A certain amount of absurdity seems naturally conducive to keeping a positive stance on existence. I reckon that people require a level of leniency in order to maintain their optimal operational euphoria stash in primo reserves condition. It should be no secret that adding a little classy playtime betwixt the resistance grips is helpful in the least.

Transcending traditions is what I live for progressing. For anyone who’s been reading me a while or knows me intricately, I’m an outlier. I’ve turned into a more and wider (sometimes a wee too literally in that latter sense, as I digress an instant) vocal woman regarding my proclivities for carrying on about life on my own sweet terms. I go out of my way to join friends and family all around the planet for celebrations, excursions, or merely because I’m able to…


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