Hormonally Leaping

Flirting Foliage, Photo by BradensEye

A day packed with happy heartbeats melts the punches we intake. I’m a dedicated advocate for celebrating love every day. From a cozy nuzzle sharing water with stray animals crossing my foreign footsteps to drenching my skin with the saltwater pool during a divining of my sensory means against the actual sea backdrop, the doting I might conjure over a mere few minutes is honeyed intimacy. Tomorrow we receive an extra day of loving with a Leap Day this month February 29th offering us an additional twenty-four hours to expose any of our heart-filled tendencies. I find that when we’re living for the zings that put those skips in our steps and other areas of the body easily, we’re building our arsenal for hormonally leaping through evolution more gracefully. Allowing hurdles to becomes hops or vaulting with our faults by having the softening of spirited soul connecting things keeps a healthier sanity.

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. ~Henry van Dyke

The duration for embracing a little more love remains in your nows. It’s never too late to gather goodness for whatever venue we’re situating. It’s especially valuable to connect with the piece that outlook develops from inwardly. Presently, caught up in the eye candy of an international community of travelers from so many diverse countries I’ve lost count, my barometer d’amour has been charting some yummy extremes. Balancing the intensity of choosing a two-week training on an exotic island, I was finding spiciness in my fellow humans milling about comparable to the Thai cuisine. We’d begun our wealth of learning with a solo man amongst us, only to have him leave abruptly. So, when our five ladies flouncing in a six-bed dormitory settled in one evening to find a bunk hunk it sent giggles beaming into the stratosphere resulting in late-night group texting naughtiness releases of racy fantasies. Life truly gifts humble prospects when you retire your dramatic leanings.

Usually, sunshine is like my Jesus. I worship its ways of delivering pleasant days. However, a tad grumpy from a layer of burning not yet weathered to a tan, the searing cemented a layer of shade I didn’t want to be needing. The canopied alcove was suggesting more than a mere break from above’s rays. Another chore of my homework switched out of the laborious landscaping as soon as I focused my glances upon the German wedding montage unfolding within my beach view. While shades of crimson red were united with crisp white, jumbo palm fronds being shaped into hearts appeared following the natural rocky catwalk jutting into the ocean for their ceremony. Joining a host of worldwide isles, I jotted this one down for future mental bliss-bargaining with a lover too. What moments prior had been scrunchy tension, was settling me into a zone of ease. Glimpses into alternate thinking are patterns worth keeping.

I tie a knot for everything, everything that goes right…
I untie a knot for everything, everything that goes wrong ~
Firewoodisland, Knot

An avalanche can be exhilarating, especially when in heat! Angled away from the blistering parade of bosoms and bottoms signaling seductivity, I was hiding out in my reliable shadow spot when I spied the heart-shaped leaf. It ought to have been enough warning, although it wasn’t until his gobsmackingly handsome sauntering into a lounger slot next to me that the landslide quality was complete. A shirtless bronzed God with a devilishly perfect array of facial scruff flooded my senses with his presence. Not only did he plunk down next to me with a broad global grin, he tilted toward me to share his reading of none other than Italo Calvino’s short-storied collection of beauties Gli amori difficili (Difficult Loves). Nearly a fortnight full of crushes conversations falling all around me had my tingling tentacles on high-flutter alert. Finally, a morsel nobly meant for me. Look before, in motion, and enjoy a lingering with your love-tastic leaps.

Advancing our receptivity for picking up on and pointing ourselves in directions which feed our hormones fortunately are the favorable kind of flings. The actions we want to expand are actually methods for emancipating an internal feast of sympathetic festivities. Reserving endless spaces to support your growth through personal gratification is indispensable primally. Just as any Leap Year birthings shouldn’t have to delay an annual revelry to coincide with an exactitude of every four years, so I believe the springing of fondness is owed to our commonplaces. The more suited we’re aiming to solve for ourselves will contribute to our improved maturation. Remembering the appreciation rate of return when factoring compassion solicits a sweetness turned life-preserver battling losing streaks. Inflating quantities such as patience over arrogance bestow us ample invigorating steam. One does not hold tone so much as one is atoned.

Dreaming Out Loud, Photo by BradensEye at Jaran’s Wishing Tree for Pachamama Spirit Festival

Even if it’s minuscule, entreat yourselves with sparks of affection frequently.



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