Flirting with My Future

Serendipity always got my attention. In the way that good things usually do. Yet this space, where I felt I needed to orchestrate with some precision-push of blessed timing in order to result in any accomplishment, was gnawing at me… for years. And by years, I’m not exaggerating. I’m referring to this ridiculous amount of timing that spans way more than one decade. An era wrought with examples of supporting others well, yet when it came to producing important things for myself I think I’d secretly owned the stalling patent far too long. This is my future we’re talking about. And here was my late 40’s parading the fact of my mid-life point in front of me, taunting me like a silly ex-boyfriend flirting with another girl back in high school. I knew better and had big choices on my side now. I don’t have to spend my time with people, places or things that don’t make me happy. I just have to choose more wisely.

Today I woke up consciously deciding to try to change the old habit and choose something new I always wanted. Largely the action was actually a lack of reaction to anything that doesn’t fill or fuel my soul well. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to process. Humans- we’re a funny bunch this way! So, I dared myself to write my first blog before midnight ticked on the left coast. The first day of a new year appealed to me this very morning as the most ripe time for me to start writing a blog. The blog that I’ve been interested, encouraged, and frozen about starting to write for many moons. This tiny tale is the result. This beginning is a possibility at a new part of my future. For me, the coolest thing about writing has always been the potential. Writing creates the space for anything to happen. I know I’ve been chasing that same sense of freedom in my everyday life for as long as I could muster a philosophical pondering, which started pre-teen for me for certain.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is the proper use of flirting. In its healthiest form, flirting yields excellent feelings, options, and can even promote great outcomes. In my world, flirting isn’t reserved as an action exclusively between people. I love the art of flirting as it applies to creative concepts, projects, business and all sorts of ideas or plans. The notion of flirting with (i.e. trying on) something works very akin to flirting with someone. It’s a chance to sort and see what may be best. So, welcoming you back to my recent state of mind, I’ve been heavily flirting with my future. What is optimal for the rest of my life?

And this creation (a blog, my future) beckons the forming of an entirely new second half for me… of all that life is or can be. Ideally a lot less of a nail-biting second half of a football game, such as the Music City Bowl I just attended in Nashville over the holiday. Instead, I seek a future for myself that’s a super flow of my favorites (a life playlist, if you will):

  • adventurous delight
  • contribution
  • connection
  • home space (an actual physical place to be in, build with a partner and family, as well in which to host incredible humans I adore or with whom I am intrigued)
  • innovation
  • juicy learning of invaluables
  • leaving a legacy
  • love (the kinds that dazzle, inspire and are rooted in all forms of passion)
  • plethora of creative endeavors
  • quality of life, shared with family, friends and meaningful others
  • sincere joys
  • world travel

A Romancing the Stone meets Around the World in 80 Days with a heavy dose of TED Talks and a side of epic music concerts or your own private curated Burning Man, with the Dalai Lama on top.

There is no time like the present to be present to what moves you most. (Of course, there never was and never will be any time like each present moment as it occurs. This is a mere sidebar in a wave of esoteric musings that run like butterflies in my brain. Hopefully, it gives you a twinkling insight into what else I fancy. Maybe you’ll even be intrigued enough to return and engage when I share more.)

Cheers to more flirting! In all its healthy and fun forms.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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