I Want to Live in a Slave Free World

Slave Free Photo by BradensEye

I wouldn’t think I’d have to state this. Yet, we live in a modern world where the actuality of slavery statistics has continued to rise exponentially. This issue crosses borders of all countries. This is not a problem “over there” only. It has never gone away, as they taught me in grade school. It’s taken me years to stumble back around to this reality. Appalled and community-oriented, I became engaged in the fight to eradicate slavery for good.

Somewhat ironically, I was born and raised in South Carolina. A state known for its historic role in the conversation of slavery. A place where the color of ones skin still today determines a varied reaction or benefit. A stark experience of my youth was a day a supposed prank phone number was passed around school by my classmates. When I snuck a moment to call that number from our small rural town home landline, I was shocked to hear information about a KKK rally coming up. I confessed about the number to my parents. I remember their grave alarm. I remember I didn’t get in trouble. I know we had a talk about ‘things’ because I was scared and confused thinking such things were in the past.

Of important note, I’m very proud of the beauty, community and elegance of South Carolina in many ways as well. I’m merely sharing facts from my own experience by way of perspective that this is truthfully everyone’s backyard conversation. Wherever you may be physically reading this, slavery is your neighbor too. This is not South Carolina’s fault, the South’s fault, the fault only of the USA, China, India, or anywhere ‘else’ you think or have heard solely. This is everywhere and, therefore I implore, everyone’s concern.

Directly upon graduating college in South Carolina, I’d obtained a first post-degree job working a film in state that dealt with the subject of slavery along the distinctions of race, stature, and access to things therein. Alex Haley’s QUEEN didn’t seem another notch along the slavery belt of my lifeline until recent examination again. While deeply entrenched supporting Julian Lennon with management the last few years, I had the honor of working on behalf of his organization The White Feather Foundation. My next seminal slavery pivot point came about when we were invited to convene with a newly established group of influential world influencers as members of the Global Sustainability Network. Adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8, with special emphasis on 8.7’s caveat seeking to eradicate slavery and human trafficking, I began attending as a member regularly. This is where the worldwide statistics hit a crescendo in my psyche.

And this is where I sat today at their most recent London gathering compelled to spell this out for any of you willing to embark on a serious inhumane life quest with me. If you are a friend or family member close with me, I cannot imagine you wishing to live in anything but a slave free world too. And if you don’t know me, I suppose my best hope is you still agree.

Accountability is a personal choice. I think it rings true with every corner of this slavery topic. Each bit of disconnect in our world starts somewhere. So, the more responsibility we individually accept, I believe the more we change the world for the better. These are only some building blocks for the justice of a truly slave free world once and for all. You don’t have to do a lot to make a difference. Every bit you do commit to is actually a leap in the better direction. Awareness is a step.

“Don’t show up to prove. Show up to improve.”- Simon Sinek: https://startwithwhy.com/

If you’d like to blow your mind and take some more baby steps towards educating yourself and joining me in this knowledge:

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