I’m Ripe for the Picking, Selfie

Oh, the places we’d do if I was yours! What scenery we would carpet with adoring public displays of affection fit for the millennial Snapchatters best live feeds. The miles we would keep accumulating for our frequent traveler rewards. From ski slopes to zipline ropes, with trains, planes, automobiles, and boats galore, we’d dive through landscapes full of amour. I can easily conjure a feeling for the many sands between our toes we would cover — white as snow, pink as cotton candy, dusty tans that glisten against the blue, and black as caviar.


You’re a delicacy
On my tongue
Lounging in my mind
Relaxing on a pedestal
Yet wound between
My heartstrings
It’s funny and often
I write you
Bathe with you
Longing for physically
A taste
Craving satiation
Time lapses
A devil
A mirage in hell
Solo glory
Is but the respite
Fulfillment dangling
In dreams
Future teasing
Patience tested
I indulge
You’re worth the wait

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember creating writings to my babe, my beloved, my rock solid, my other half, the sharp cheddar to my cheese, the fun in my fantastic, the awe of my awesome, the sweetness to my savory sauciness, my future hubby. Poetry of my youth differs wildly from adult years, if only because more prolific and sexy words got inserted where teddy bears and candy hearts used to reign.

I know I’m a good person, yet I’ve done some naughty things in my past. I’ve looked back at the less proud moments and fought myself to become wiser. I’m confident with tons of room to grow. I’m an open book and happy to delve to unknown depths and outer realms with you. I thrive on sharing and receiving appreciation. I’m helpful to others. I love sunshine and rain storms. I’m not scared of spiders, snakes, or the dark. But, I’ll also never shy from a savior whisking the said animals to safety away from me and wrapping me in his arms for a warm snuggle in the pitch of blackness.

I geek out on witty banter akin to most Marvel movies writing and too many romantic comedies to mention here. Star signs fascinate me. Massages make me want to make out even harder and longer. Therapeutic support systems are a must for me. Cooking is a smoking-hot way to not beat around the bush and stir my heart. If you love cats then I love you a lot. If you love most all animals, mosquitos and a few pesky ones aside, then we have a starting point. If you never tire from counting stars then we should hang out and we ought to definitely work camping into our often-schedule.

I can light some fires. I prefer sleeping naked. I accept some dares. I will dance until dawn given the right music. I like ‘it’ with the lights on. I want to jump out of planes or in almost any sack with you when the time is right, my man. I’m game to take movie marathons to the triathlon status anytime. I like to dress up for costume parties and picnic indoors in front of fireplaces. I would bring the same enthusiasm to attending TED events or Comic-Con as I have to Burning Man, SXSW, the Sundance Film Festival, and a good old southern backyard BBQ.

I’m open to creating a home in a variety of locations. Having good airport access is a key to my happiness since my beloved family and friends are spread as thoroughly as I make sure butter touches all edges of toast. From left to right on a world map, I want to roam with my man until we’ve worn our passports, our bodies, and our maps to a supple softness alike. Equally, I want to spend days and hours hunkered at home together. I want to fill our space and the space-time continuum of special occasions, holidays, and some nights with the best of those we idolize.

Being charitable is a personal requirement. You can make up how that looks for you, but I plan to continue my lifelong efforts and would be proud to have a man by my side to help promote and provide for this. I think humanity near in our neighborhoods, round the US of A, or the Amazon to Africa to Antarctica and beyond can use some aid. Loving-kindness exudes from the sweat of my pores in every direction, which includes those I already know. This extends to most people, especially children.

I’ll turn fifty in 508 days. This leaves me hope for still being around long enough for family of all ages in the union I want to surf with my main squeeze. I can hang with the wee ones, teens, the invincibles, the collegiates, graduates and more. I learn from kids and I live for kids. I know those younger than us keep us young at heart. I light up being given the hip download on modern music best-of jams or crooning to see if anyone gets my American Top 40 throwback. I relish the intake of youthful book-reading lists next to Obama or Oprah’s. If you haven’t sent your brain into overdrive by delighting with someone much less than your age lately, I recommend trading quotes, musical lyrics, film flick character favs and board game top tens with anyone of such ilk you can get your hands on. I bet you’ll each come away in hysterics with a tinge of bewilderment too.

Consider this is dating ad. I playfully mean it. I can keep going it alone, but I’d much rather go onward with my Romeo. If you’ve read this and you think I’m worthy of a healthy, happy, successful romp into conversation (no, not bed… yet, silly!) with a man you are or one you worship then please let the far-flung internet Gods know you’d like to have that special someone connect with me. Sometimes writing can be straightforward. Sometimes writing may be super selfish mixed with a side of prayer, topped with a layer of praise, and left out to the wilds to see what creatures are hungry enough to sneak a bite.

If I was yours we’d rewrite these lines to twist them irresistibly into an infinity symbol.

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