Ignorance Is Consequential

Knowledge Is Bliss, Photo by BradensEye

The weight of the world rests upon your capable genius. Little might you want to take on the load that you have every ability to sing a new tune any old time you choose. Aside from a couple heavies I’ve seen attempting to walk like a normal human (without much luck) exiting the infamous Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, few I know want that Atlas-like burden of sensing they’re lugging around giant boulders. I am here to tell you it is all in your mind. Therefore, minding our own business is the best investment to lead us along the path of riches. Ergo, ignorance is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. You are sequentially setting yourself up for collateral damage feigning bewilderment to whatever life has dealt as your perceived challenges.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. ~Stephen Hawking

Everything, too, shall pass. If you like routine — the same alarm clock sound, at the same time, waking in the same bed, from the same side, drinking the same coffee, going to the same office, working with the same people… — this entire blog probably isn’t for you. (Unless you’re looking for another person to criticize. In which case, I really hope you aren’t reading this anyway, as I digress.) Working on ourselves can be painful. However, not working on ourselves is a free ticket to slow death. And, like most young men I know who hate to be bored and equate it with dying slowly (thanks Alison Armstrong for your son’s blunt interpretation I’ve paraphrased), I doubt most of you are gung-ho about torture. The length of that spikey sword-swallowing feeling depends on our adaptations to living out a personal plague or taking the high road.

No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good…Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is. ~C.S. Lewis

We drool waiting for the upshot. Chemistry of others, like all tempting things, has us tangled in webs where we act as if ramifications are unbelievable. Yet, I trust you’re a corollary whiz too. We should safely recognize that accountability isn’t the stuff of invisibility cloaks. So, no matter the daggers of playing with life, this is a plea to build your rebel alliance. Boundaries are your BFF. Get to know them. Write them into your living will. Tattoo them on every pore. Don’t leave home without them. Heck, don’t make a home without them! Shallowness of self-respect and discipline begets hardship. Even though you want to flaunt your free will like Paris Hilton in a micro-mini, it’s only going to land you some bad press. Life isn’t out to get you so much as existence is stacked with seductive decoys. Ignoring the consequences is futile.

Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience. ~Paul Cezanne

I defer to the definition of renewal as referring to “reopen; begin again”. This proclaims a chance to redo whatever it is we did poorly the last time. (Keeping in mind, most of us are daft enough to make the same mistakes more than a few times before ascension may kick in.) As we are addicted to that which doesn’t serve us silver-platter-esque sumptuousness, or dishes that out with a hefty mental price tag, I beseech you jump on the bandwagon of least resistance to consequentiality. Addiction is the black hole of life. I could dedicate my entire blog to addiction, except I’m too happy to keep rotating cruddy connotations solely. It’s much easier for me to reflect daily on that chick who stares me back in the mirror eagerly wishing to anchor another dose of opportunity. Sure, she has to elude the devil. Hence, why I’m discussing the dark side today. There are way too many ways in and not enough of us come equipped with the proper time-warped tools to get out of that darkness. But, you are no dummy. Don’t start bluffing all agog just to fall back into (re)inventing that grave you’ve dug for yourself many times before.

Be as smart as you can, but remember that it is always better to be wise than to be smart. ~Alan Alda

We carry addictions like the stench of that skunk who encountered your dog during a midnight poop and brought that insanity indoors. Addiction is what went sideways for one too many when we started smoking plants for anything beyond their nutritional value. I’ve found nothing wrong with moderation. When you’re so lost you’re cooking chemicals and shooting them into your bloodstream at the same rate you could be cooking fresh fried spinach or crème brûlée you might need to question any smarts you thought you had. It’s the gateways that become a fixation without retreat where I’ve watched myself and others falter. It’s what we have to discover about our proclivities. We talk aloud a lot about needing to or actually giving up things that don’t serve us. I have one dear friend whose life and marriage were suffering and she created a personal fundraiser to get herself into a sober home for thirty days. Bold moves make waves. But do you conquer surfing like a pro or succumb to more hedonism?

You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace. ~Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes

We brace for the rendezvous of those lips mingling with our own. Though, did you stop to check your jonesing ~ is that person a good choice or a bad one for you? Ignorance is famously consequential. What you ignore can hurt you. What you don’t know that you ought to is worth your learning curve. Start to obsess over what happens when you’re conversation sifts to your shadow psyche only. When the loud roar of fanning your failure flames isn’t bringing the positive attention. This is where people like Joe blow me away! Our habits are the linchpin of our personal success. You are consequentially your best when your habituality highlights your qualities, not your drama. Keep a clean ‘house’ ~ a luxurious palace anyone would crave to relax with an elongated ahhhhh. Being Better Than Before it where’s it’s at. You are far too meaningful to be ignorant.

May we seize refinement of our ways as much as our days.



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