In Deference to Difference

Puckered up for Peace, Selfie

Selection is a not-so-secret sauce for stellar living. That some even get an assortment or an election is why certain countries are forever favored dream spots. Distinctions of marriage to divorce and all governmental legalities of voting occur on quite a spectrum globally. Having any options for participation at all constitutes a luxury for the majority in my USA compared to other planetary positions. From our intimate to the public realms, the where, what, how, and especially who we may choose for varied dealings matters immensely. The effort we put forth as a proper sorting process impacts the state of all of our affairs. In deference to difference, I believe that everyone is always looking for positive changes in their lives while frailly evading the concept of amending in general formality. A solid review of the candidates is the sphere of our personal sagacity seasoning coming into poignant play.

People don’t drink the sand because they’re thirsty. They drink the sand because they don’t know the difference. ~President Andrew Shepherd, The American President film

Justice is still far from being equal. You’d think that winning would be a champion experience thoroughly. Yet, corruption runneth deeply. So much so, that an illuminating set of persons made a film about the voter suppression playbook in the less-than-United States: Rigged. Our acceptance barometers easily skew to party lines and pesky patterns of behavior we’re not so easily releasing. So set in our ways of forcing partnership, selfish economic grandiosity, poor eating, enslavement towards crazy means of tech attachment, and everything interference between, we’re our own worst why the connection points for a more wholesome environment on the universal scale continue to fail. Such an ego will eternally place profit over people. This all-about-singular-need narcissistic greed mentality can only test the limits. It won’t ever provide the pieces to the salvation puzzle that we’re missing.

I sense that the bulk of divides stem from a lack of care coupled with clear erudite education. As my Southern roots might holler, “What your momma or daddy brought ya is worth its weight in pig poop!” We do like our obedience in the family arena. But respect and resignation can be bedfellows. Quite a few of the finest humans I know seem to have been taught insufficient love for all others. Even their Jesus proclaims preferences. Although, mine never has. Whether one’s level of deliberation is merely their individual health or parses outward to complete ignorance of concern for anyone else beyond their familiar orbit is detrimental regardless. If you’re in jeopardy you’re going to require support from outside of what you alone can achieve. The progress of improvement is resoundingly rapid the sooner we yield to our surrounding forces for good. We’re in this together. Collective consideration is the best homage to humanity.

…coming together, sticking through all the stormy weather
The plan is in motion, we move like the ocean, let the waves take us somewhere better ~
Luke Wallace, Turning the Tide

When we build an international populace that elevates the bar for everybody to reap the benefits of our one spinning-ball-of-brilliant-blue under God, I’ll stop aiming to incarnate to keep my dose of help in place. I’m very grateful for how I was raised to lend a hand, an ear, my heart, any time, or money able. Largely minus any big-time bias. My parents earned their knowledge, along with packed portions from their elders. They didn’t harbor the hoarding of riches intellect. Each passed onward to me the practice of community awareness. Since I laced a jetsetter thread amongst my life weave, I’ve found this strength carts advanced courtesy when overseas. Your plot in existence is akin to your lot with esteem. When we fear the ‘other’ we’re actually facing a darkness in ourselves still awaiting therapy. Often, the assault is internal disagreement parading superficially.

Integration is the migrants’ mantra. Traditionally speaking, the cells of our every iota beat the blood of ancestral immigration. None of us escapes the conversation of forebears who arrived to a new land to settle for a greater chance at surviving. Thereby, I wish those who fight harmony to remember their genetic genesis. Mankind duplicates all the same. Egg plus sperm produces a baby. Each obliges freedom. As my country heads with our masses of hopeful to head-strong towards what’s been dubbed as the most crucially heated poll in our history, I’m farming renewal of enormous facets of faith. I’ll maintain praying firmly for Team Everyone. Earth manifests transformation without you having to lift any fingers. However, the maturity with which you’re adept at sympathetic accord breaks any mold of immaturity. What a fundamental friendliness every day is available to create.

May our ability to uphold the right for ALL to VOTE match the voter turnout honorably.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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