Willpower, Photo by BradensEye

Growth is an audacious ambition ploy. Etched within our innards is the will to flourish. Yet, prospering isn’t some neatly packaged outfit we can get expedited to us overnight by Amazon. Nor can it be purchased at a bulk discount from your local superstore of Costco, Walmart, or Target. Nope. Expansion of yourself generally rises high like pyrotechnics for a fireworks fiesta after a contagion outbreak. It’s what we wish was stocked regularly upon any market shelf. Preferentially, if you’re within my drift, you’d easily grab a new bit during your Wednesday or Saturday farmer’s market stroll. There, next to the homemade buttermilk made by the Na Kēhaulani pono kãnaka princess who enlightens you so consistently. Normally passage toward any of our progress includes movement of the enlargement arc related to effort. Our ingrown intellect has the drive to thrive if we empower it.

make a vacation of your body;
each part explored, a stamp on your passport. ~
Bobby LeFebre, Nothing Left

One of the bizarre aspects of my noggin is how it’ll become hyper-attached to a miniature morsel negligible to passersby. My eye catches the verdant plant jutting from the farmland fence post. Why did it pick this place? How long was the seizing of the space before it burst through the surface into the sky? What challenges could it have faced? Who might have mocked its journey? Similarly, we need to be amenable to the funk and note solely the spunk. One-stop shortcuts aren’t a typical credit with personal advancement accuracy. What does such amplification of our existence want from us? The morning, the afternoon, the moon howling at night. Does the earth cackle like old crones cramped tightly into one another’s warmth around the campfire, wincing at the youth or age of our wandering ways?

Usually, without fail, our bodies spend the first decade or two physically growing into ourselves. Whether we enjoy it or not, getting taller, thicker, thinner, wider, pimply, dimply, gorgeous, or gangly depends on all sorts of variables from DNA to the number of donuts we intake or ignore. Meanwhile, from inception through post-visible-defacto, abiding psychological to spiritual laws of nature hopefully making out with nurture through we’re able to consume the confetti of unwavering potential. Virtually any sound, ground, group of people, intimate contact, and conjecture of life lecture opportunity for a spurt of our evolution. Although, just because we grow “up” (in height, for example) won’t guarantee our smarts or kind hearts. We’re surrounded each instant by an unlimited supply of development, should we choose to make the most of it. Should we choose to use it… all?

Through this new frame of mind
A thousand flowers may bloom ~
Isaac Lee Hayes / Beth Gibbons / Geoffrey Paul Barrow / Adrian Francis Utley, Portishead, Glory Box

Sometimes your being can’t help but grow. Even if we care to fight off a fresh point of view or that nice character making overtures when a former lover’s habits are readily persuaded. My twelve-years-young nephew recently lost his cool thinking he’d reached his highest at five feet eight inches. His six foot three performance goal undergoing an ego hit. A couple eve’s later he and my sis promptly confirmed he’d increased an inch. Occasionally, the universe steps in with a push. It considers the love bump we’ve earned or that our spirit truly obliges as essential. It assesses the stump, the plane delay, a new home, anything which we’ve been missing to catapult us into a different state of alignment. The energy alone leaves many unconvinced. However, I’ve come to note that the flings of fate are customarily ordering us a hot date! The wit of it rendering you a date with a distinctly rare layer of your destiny or an actual stunner of a human is merely a parcel to the playfulness.

The hurtle is about qualifying for the gritty in order to succeed in grace. The ‘funny’ stuff is often sourcing where you ought to go. Quizzically, for me, I observe a lot of traction inside and outside. I victoriously convey this literally and figuratively. Indoors, under a roof, below the shade of swaying palm trees or breezes, windows bolted shut in the midst of a freeze or flung wide with the heat of a summer, I peak at writing. Interior of my soul pleads daily for the attention of me seeking improvement. Allow me outdoors to prance my butterfly personality amongst others and I light upward as certainly as the air you breathe. Braden alfresco, especially in a pristine environmental locale, is one of the happiest creatures you’ve ever seen! So, look at where you’ve grown. Obey the blooms that you find beautiful. Give them dependable reason to ceaselessly escort you in earnest.

Follow Your Lead, Photo by dear friend @greenomlet featuring a favored Archangel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue card plucked specially for BradensEye

May an invasion of bravery guide your every day.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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