Intellectual Intercourse

My Heart Selfie

If you want to beat a speedy path to my heart, talk or write to me well. I love words! The way one may create pictures, ideas, stories, give notions, affect others, effect an outcome… and the way they move around your tongue, sometimes lingering, undulating, sparking, cascading, or abruptly derailing and failing. Most simply “intellectual intercourse” is where you’ll have me forever at your beck and call.

Here in the realm of my dance with language in front of the world, I keep unearthing these nuggets of me that I’m fond to call essence. This immediate backbone of myself seems quite mundane actually. I really like words. And I really like music. That appears pretty average when I write it. Yet, the distinction for me is a playfulness that harkens more like intelligence. I want playmates that charge their words with electricity and a cunningness. I am most engaged when allowed to design a thought or feeling by traipsing through the vast vernacular I’ve acquired.

Now, add music to those well crafted string of words and you’ve set me alight! I am fire incarnate. I am a flaming swell of sweetness at your mercy. To me, words and music are two of the most sincere forms of foreplay that ever will be. I’m lucky that I’ve been dazzled by more than a few men with such capabilities. And most certainly women too. Alanis Morissette significantly changed my life the day I heard her song All I Really Want (hence the title of this story). Ever since hearing the magnificence she constructed in her tale set blazing as music, I’ve referred countless times in description of my soul mate search to the need for this “intellectual intercourse”. It’s a most perfect definition of what ‘I really want’.

Of course, this is entirely subjective to my personal taste. The frolic lies in who finds the bait as tantalizing as I hoped it may be received. But as pure imagination, that’s the masterpiece- who reacts to what, as in why it was interesting, valuable, even sexy or intriguing enough to elicit a reply.

Today’s showcase is a sharing of two short examples of the power of words through music- lyrics (words) in these cases being the cause, which produced the effect of my amorous reviews (words). These were shared with a talented drummer friend Josh during two separate blips spread over years, upon my listening to the tunes.

You’ll also notice a little nod to E.E. Cummings in the first piece. I’ve spent a lot of time in my poetry or journals dallying writing in lowercase, as I chose this occasion. I thought it was so clever and rebellious of him to choose not to capitalize everything typically so, and I often copied this style. It was lending me a context to illustrate an innocence (my interpretation) of enchantment. For me, this was the ‘right’ step towards the wilds of romance. And with this initial instance I was a complete newbie, instantly turned groupie of the band called Low Line Caller. I wanted to stay lost in their music endlessly. It stimulated a longing I had for what the best of life was meant to feel like, look like, sound like. It evoked it all for me.

i fell in love today, email:

my toes were baking under the heated concrete beneath the AZ skies
i’d rolled out from the cozy covers at barely noon
the mission to rock out in a different way than the last 15 days was clear…
clean that darn band RV!
and much to my delight the stack of cd’s greeted my solo anal (cleaning) session
and then it happened…

first there was a sincere flirtatious crush as my Heartstrings were pulled softly
that might well be one of my fav words in all of the world’s vernaculars
then i fell head over heels- tripping over my own passion with increased volume
diving hard and fast in the depths of that momentous love affair
it was instantaneous, though it was remarkedly vast and full
i hung around Anderson Junction a bit,
i got caught feeling more than a little heat Killing the Cool
and then a Thief made off with the rest of my heart

it’s fair to say Tuesday March 24 will be remembered

The second installation of sharing came when a new band incarnation called Lanski emerged, where Josh took a leap with a friend from another fellow band, now branching out on his own. I recall being in a high rise hotel room in New York City, with big floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. I know I didn’t sit still when hearing the music.

If Only, email:

The sky was bleeding golds in mellow hues coupled with abstract blues, fading to the closing of the sun for this day…

As usual, I wasn’t fully prepared to be taken so deeply

Caught in a landslide of work emails and sideways glances at the clock

Here, in the midst of a simple Saturday,

And despite my filmic crush on romance,

My guard was tossed

I wanted to start undressing, to begin moving rhythmically

Like the finest wines are sloshed round in the glass of heavyweights

Most music doesn’t change people

For some, it distracts them, pleases them, enlightens them

But, from your sound, I am more beautiful, sensual ~

A new magnet for motion

I think you just changed the course of the oceans tides

And with them, the call of my soul to men… like you

Once again, your music moves me to heights that beckon the likes of Superman

Thank you is never enough… But, I suppose, I can suffer the interim before I may ever find a way to show you my appreciation again in person

If only

If you made it this far reading, I’d like to be extravagant with you. Go find a place that gives you room to move. Bring a way to listen to music and select a few songs. Weave a mate in if you care- Invite someone to join. Have something to write with and see where it all takes you. May intellectual intercourse marvel and anoint you too!

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