Intermission of Eloquence

Becoming Your Own Buddha, Photo by BradensEye featuring the Sacred Garden’s Buddha blessing

What if the meaning of life is just the alive bit? When we shake off all the appearances of how we show up or why we claim to do this or go that way or nary a thing to fully all-in for others, I think we’re on to it. The point of a point is only that we’ve called it a point. Some will argue its edges, to be careful from its stabbing, or a thrust it makes to command your attention. It does offer a purpose. Yet, what if you are the purpose, to begin with? The matter tries on the costumes of my favored adjectives or adverbs. All else, but ourself as we are, is enhancement. Facets of familiarity are the physics of our viability. While the real gusto is a garnish of infatuation. I feel that our glimmers are following our own lead coupled by being our own best audience. This intermission of eloquence is a voyage depicting the significance of our individual who. The flowering of every fabulous day is hearkening to the unfolding.

We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark. ~Whoopi Goldberg

In short order, my voice quivered and we found ourselves matching stories of a recent cancer diagnosis. I’d hastily phoned for a first time to double-check if their hours of operation posted on the web stood up to the coronavirus circumstances. Actually, they’d gratefully extended some hours. It was the blessed owner, Eve, who answered before closing. I explained I’d been given a ‘prescription’ list of things I ought to seek out on this island of Maui from a new healer friend as part of my process. Her sanctuary was top of my to-do before surgery plan, markedly do to their eminent jungle labyrinth. We both fought back tears of empathy, expressed a junction of joy to know of one another by voice, and enthrall that I would visit soon. I had three days left to push myself outside of the isolation hovel I’d persisted in keeping. After hearing the malignancy connection, the change of scenery seemed providential.

Particularly punctured textures will move you within them, just as much as you are moving through them. I’d clashed with another morning of healthcare demands. My usual proportion of blog writing was not a successful distraction. I checked in with my heart instead of the clock and high-tailed it to the car. In less than fifteen minutes I was agape at the mouth of a garden paradise nestled near a river on a huge ‘S’ curve upon this island rocking my kismet amidst the Pacific’s blue sanctity. I was surrounded by living plants, endless trinkets of positivity, scarcely a soul in sight ~ an afternoon delight to be with myself bathed in beauty. In the same breath, I had no idea what took me so long to stumble upon this venerable hideout and I thought that this date was precisely when I was meant to be there. The arms of her offerings were wide with love. She’d clearly waited for me. Her eagerness was unmistakably potent.

The way you live, the gifts that you give

It’s a measure of a life ~
Rush, The Garden

Meanderings are made for manufacturing pregnant interpretation. All to myself, the minute I launched this coiled rambling the skies cried fat droplets all over me. Steeped in woodland aroma, each winding stride of the labyrinth became an outpouring of ruminations about myself. I found myself giggling how I don’t mind getting wet nor dirty. I kept listening with deep intent at every footstep. I’m passionate about the sound of nature and really spark when touching it. I am healed, while eternally healing. I always want to clean and clear my path, as well as organize a space I’m in, although it’s not constantly needed. I’m good at noticing things; the detail that others might be missing. I treasure a fine quiet time. Noises don’t usually startle me. Even the loud ones. Craggily gives me my character. I prefer being unique. I’m flexible to wait for the right things. Time is my friend. We are the enunciation of our own ritual.

Chasing myself around the labyrinthian bends merely inflamed some sweet truths. Frequently seeing is all about feeling. Softness laying atop hardness is sexy. Impediments are just things. No one ever said you had to maintain anything. When we allow ourselves to be side by side there’s promise. Loving well is one of my endowments. Hearts alight me in all forms! Curative curiosity is one of my superpowers. I think the more we overlook the tides the greater chance they’re apt to pull us out to sea. Ignoring the waves is like asking to drown. We ought to be vigilant with care and collectively so at that. We can lead ourselves or we can monitor lacklustre longings. Sometimes it’s enjoying the quiver of daring on the edges that few fetch to tread. Please take your own interruptions from your mundane to chaotic and run wildly with them. Establish enough intervals to summon your genuine story. All you must ever be is willing.

May the poise of your moments quelch any pangs plus ping you fluently.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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