Intrusion Conclusion

4 min readJun 13, 2022
Pounce, Photo by BradensEye featuring my snap of Brisbane’s Blu Art Xinja’s Cat & Mouse

Animalistic impulses abound. Butchering beastly burdens is of no solid excuse unless we’re referring to any square skirmish of your impending demise. Critters of varied kinds are often simple targets for squirmy mortals. We spend billions of politicking dollars globally on debating the price of lives. There’s a focus on Mammalia and those endangered strains. However, we scarcely contemplate the everyday insect, arachnid, or other vermin. I’ve met plenty of farmers and hunters who won’t blink so much as a single eye when pulling the trigger to take out some varmint they deem to be intruding their territory or in an open range that yahoos have decided is glorified shooting domain. Destruction of thousands, maybe millions, every minute of Earth’s ticking clock doesn’t typically cross everyone’s intellect. A recent ripple of confrontations is why I’ve come to the intrusion conclusion that our reactivity inclinations are habitually inflated.

I do not understand the human race. It has so little love for creatures with a different face. Treating animals like people is no madness or disgrace. ~Dr. John Dolittle by Rex Harrison, Dr. Dolittle

Breeding entirely docile beings clearly isn’t the original prescription. Somewhere between our cosmic master and Darwin’s rhetoric, everything was formed with assorted degrees of the slaughtering spunk ‘flaw’. I do get that the behavior generally argues our numbers game. Yet, what constitutes an invasive species can be quite an anomaly depending on the personality who’s translating the experience. As well as its state of racing mind or not. The peace of uninterrupted time to think is made fitful if you sense you’re not as alone as you thought you were. Whether imagined or confirmed real, the unsettling willies that can take over one’s body is a true thing of discomfort. The innovative visionary artistry of an individual is known for its inventive vices. Aiming to maintain tabs on these fertility hidden subjects of figmentation fantasy versus fact is a servicing of tranquility.

If you’ve ever sought sleeping or sex or sitting for a nice meal when you’ve identified an additional animated inhabitant sharing the place, it can be a perplexing condition. One prominent evening, I’m blog writing at my laptop whilst parked on a stool at the cozy cabin’s kitchen island, when I’m shocked to witness a wee mouse start to…


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