Proclamation, Photo by BradensEye, featuring Hoolawa Stream overpass stumble-upon from Twin Falls hike

Let’s be junkies for owning our epicness. Slaying sanctity of yourself is your core’s marquee message. Although, living’s got this tassel that operates more like a hassle in our way. We allow cumbersome curls of complication pretty f’ing often. In lieu of smartly processing any snarky repartee, we’re apt to give our cynicism too much carte blanche range. But, we should eternally make room for extra slices of humble pie. As creatures of crotchety habits, I’m forever seeking wins in the game of resurrection serenity. The voices may blather obstinate impurities, yet none of them are you meant to believe. Stay true. Stay proud. As my personal saying goes: “Just B”. That’s “be” for everyone and subs as a nickname for me Braden. Playfully skip to it under the melodic mantra of “Do B Do B Do” (aka ‘do be, do be, do be!’) as in the sultry Sinatra “Dooby-dooby-do” Strangers In the Night classic.

I gazed at everything
And recognized it as me ~
Allie Michelle, The Awakening, Explorations of A Cosmic Soul

Conforming to fit robotic similarities of one’s household, ancestry, community, mates, a boisterous boss, any drool from a group that doesn’t match your version of cool, or a lover sinking your flow doesn’t solve your spirit urges. Rather, the only settling we ought to be sorting is how to read the currents of our current state of quintessence. Tether solely to your truth. Cut out the noise of the ‘other’. Instead of scrambling to leave legendary marks, lean into the language of your dreams. I think that life’s actually this mysteriously easy street that we’re supposed to simply show up to meet. Don’t take it on like rush hour. Sit back smiling upon its fluent corners to colors. Find the why you turned one bend or gave up another. Remember it could have once been a river. Try to experience everything without all of the excess pressure. Lust merely for a return to your innocence.

Our confidence becomes fireworks the sooner we gather comfort from eschewing the chase. We’re so stuffed with prescriptions that cause emotional to physical conniptions. It’s as if we forgot that our bodies arrived knowing. Same as we need the skies to keep crying in order for us to feed. As I step into my lair of nothing, won’t you walk through infinity with me? The parts of me without titles dance the grander jigs. Despite the clutter of their muttering, I value composing harmony. I’m tired of pretending there’s much of anything better than thoughts such as the cultish idea I devoutly pray to of making music + making love to you every day, while sumptuously sucking all the life from traveling there ever would be while sucking your bottom lip, fingertips, or your luscious cock (I heartily assume it will be). She curtsy’s in an ample-buxomed super swoon.

A mind to mend, a soul to bend, a start to end ~Sally Seltmann, Heart That’s Pounding

Be as constant as oxygen. Choose espresso plus champagne. Espouse your fast if you’ve got that gas or steady your slowest roll. Post nada. Share shamelessly. So long as it evolves authentically. Begin writing one book, jot impulses for thousands beyond, and still finish zero. Forge masterful laziness if your loins beg less vertical sway. Succumb to collaborative craftiness that catches talented-technique VIPs gunning for the money. Go inside yourself daily… patiently… and wait for answers (not as if you’re running late). Funnel the personality of garbage rats as sanely as you might yoga mats. Reflect upon that solo wrong about not letting your ego starve for validation. Examine the route to roots of your famed to favored productivity or skinny-dipping alleviation. Bias is a bounty when including accuracy. Climaxing, never clashing, with your loyalty is the bee’s knees.

There’s a syrupy sweetness that purely being hinges tastefully within. In comparison, it’s the fact that saving every one of those weighty-carbohydrated calories of someone else’s notion of the correct choice for us loads us up on the looseness of feeling decisively alive. You’re truly the lone research and intuition machine able to price what’s right for you. Encouraging his or her’s mold above your own whistles the chances of honor to happiness and integrity to confetti along your journey. My claims aren’t solid unless you’re pursuing reality. I’ve learned a little. I remain most curious a lot. We gulp heaps of horseshit in the forms of other’s opinions we fakely model as if have to avow them as our gowns. Your retention of all things exterior across your interior collapses your cascade. Exactly how you want and will your days to be is the bravery for your hunger.

Be how you wish people to describe you to others.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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