‘Just’ Mischief

You See Flower, I Say Art, Photo by BradensEye

Fairly forming opinions is no guesswork. It takes effort to truly know. Wisdom seldom plops into place. Instead, it’s the seed that’s found sweet bedding. Usually after having been heavily supervised with at least the massaging triumvirate of healthy soil, water service, and watchful reliable appreciation from sprout to bloom. Whenever you’ve thought you’ve got it all figured out is a fine chance to flesh out a few further layers. We’re so proud of our brains. We act as if they’re authority machines. We fail to touch base with gobs of information readily available to us. Busting beyond ‘just’ mischief asks our curiosity to stay peaked. We must be willing to contemplate that our data demands routine upgrades in many cases. For those of you who’ve rarely wrung out all of its fragrance, I’m referring to clever communication. Perception’s best friend is clarity.

Fiction, did all her work and more than all,
With so much zeal, devotion, tact, and care,
That no one noticed Truth was otherwhere.~
Rudyard Kipling, A Legend of Truth

Humans muck stuff up a heck of a lot of the time. In theory, it’s part of our evolutionary design mechanism. By recurrently using the assumption machine we settle into our thinking, which then dictates our being. We’ve cornered a bit of a reputation for overly exuding durable confidence in whatever speculation we’ve logged. However, absolutes can set us off-kilter in tons of varied sneering. If not tendered with care, it’ll interrupt your first date flirtations or send the family packing irreversibly early. Our need for trusting judgment above heeding truth is a zealous troublemaker. Inherently flawed aspects breed brighter trails of intimate inflation. Without as much room or orbit to grow, we’d likely keep ourselves small-minded. Notwithstanding, selling others short doesn’t merely change your relationships as it could hold beneficial opportunities hostage.

Not one thing is even remotely close to ever ringing singular with its hunk of affect. There’s exactly zero in terms of a flower, person, product, or production that I’ve crossed paths with that conducts solitary significance. In the wild, different animals area relied upon as mates, food chain material depending on who’s looking their way, and eventually compost to the cycle of Mother Nature’s growth hormones. Flower powers sweep from romantic success getting in someone’s pants to devouring. If I tuck ya tight in my compadre departments, you’re never exclusively my friend, associate, or family member. The scope wings sexperts, globetrotting allies, volunteer therapists, cuddle buddies, and CEOs (Chief Empathy Officers). The importance of existence flutters throngs of functioning. We build better bonds by really roving the ranges of influence.

the only proof
Of what you are, is in the way you hear the truth ~Edward Allan Clarke / Ian Kilmister, Motörhead, Stay Clean

Haters gonna hate. Judgers gonna judge. And those of us who are lovers are gonna love right on through all the piles of poop, to eye daggers and pointy arrows piercing our canny superiority. Often adversaries are achieving as fast as they can. Yet, what one might be missing is a light-year’s worth of expansive valuation. I prefer to feel that misanthropes are simply sunny spectacles the adult forgot to set free from a timeout long ago. Trashed so harshly at some stage, they’ve not sourced recovery easily. Their constitution screams wizards, while their survivor arrogance leaves them wandering between sloppy to snobby. Stop the subterfuge of compacting anyone nonchalantly into finite manners. Perhaps there’s a delish history or present ambrosia strata with which you ought to acquaint that will serve your future proceedings. Let’s be obsessed with mercilessly gatecrashing grace.

People possess their labels on par with their boners. Frequently we mistake our mislaid hardship for a hard-on. Self-engrossed in the ego’s resolve to outshine, we pleasure our idea of what we suppose the world to be. For instance, I’ve spent the majority of my career arc prevailing in this personage called “just an assistant”. Casually speaking, there is no such situation. Each fellow character wears umpteen hats. Also, it’s the basis for my belief in my victories soaring onward through producing, artist management, global sustainability, copious consulting, or charity hookups. What you once knew me as, or thought was all I have done, should, or would do, you are the restrictive for (un/)consciously diluting me. Any erroneous rumination is surely dividing and ultimately defeating our joint interests. Nothing about phony impressions matters toward the terrific footprints one may make.

May you be bury good to the chicanery you create.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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