Leaving Legacies

4 min readMay 30, 2022
Starring, Photo by BradensEye featuring a closeup of the American flag

How to grow a good memory. I think everyone wants to do this for their someone specials, as well as for our planetary historical happenstance commemoration. Whether headlining in the media or similar newsy eyes or merely the flame that ignites their own generations and any soul they ever touched, I believe we’ve come to Earth hoping we won’t be forgotten. I’m at this age of my mind where I keep coming back in my thoughts to the unassigned tasks I’ve handed. Those less than official delectables which have occurred thus far and appear to be deliciously driving my maturation. These are the scopes from wherein I’ve slayed a whole lotta hookey compared to the societal delegations. It seems fiercely important to me that the dimensions of our choosing can bulge the barometer regarding the quality of our living. Leaving legacies is our birthright and a bounty if we play our cards right.

Drink in the moments that take your breath away. ~Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens by Will Smith, Hitch

To sprout is without a doubt effortful. Many agree that it might use an entire lifetime to get a grip on making our best moves. I’m forever inspired by the kind of humans who generate gumption out of the gate, yet also have the means to maintain that steam. I’ve stumbled across the legion of my climactic opportunities. Even when I went forth in search of whatever intended plan, I was and am still the type who could easily be pulled in enticingly new directions very suddenly. I used to wish I had reasons to be the center of attention at parties or family gatherings. I’d beg my Uncle Fred to tell us high-stakes tales of his military career bravery or solicit the same family stories we’d all heard aplenty before about our infamous, if but dramatically prone, biography. Hindsight remains the majority of my 20/20 envisioning that I’ve already reached a cup spilleth overage of excellent nostalgia.

Your will to be remembered shall often denote your compass. To every veteran I’ve known and all who ever were, I salute you with a huge nod of souveniring you’ve given to save our country. There’s courage in topping the survival of our personal bodies with the balancing commitment to complete nations. The better of us serve beyond themselves. A pause for clarity here, as if all you’re able to muster is doing you, then carry on superstar! Ain’t nothing wrong with at least showing up for…


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