Cheers to More Years of Groovin’ on Me, Selfie

Getting hitched to your health is the best form of marriage. Face it, we’re all aging as soon as we begin. The sanity of your physical body remains as pertinent as the inner workings of your brain to cooperate with how assembled the flow between is going. When I speak of waltzing out the door, it’s steeped in strides of self-confidence built from emoting that ‘on top of the world’ altitude attitude. I get to such heights by climbing the mountain of self-care. The smell of my success seeps out of my pores through a natural perfume of eye-catching scents. As I master my experience it shows up in my surroundings. What I choose to put on, with whom I plan to see with my time, where I will go, how I will get there, and why I bounce or brake from the start to finish of every sunstroke mimics my view. Our every tone and texture is the fabric of making these differences. Looking out for our leading edges is a license to infer the instinct of healthy enabling. There’s outermost correlation from inward effort and vice versa. We will attract when we feel attractive.

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha

I’ll bet you mirror how you feel more often than not. Without fail, my mind is ultra keen when my body is radically radiating wellness. My new friend Sky breaks this down with super quantum science in his new book and coursework Living in Flow. He points out why the paths of synchronicity are a real thing. If you select nourishment you receive nutrients of stellar cellularness. Fast food fattiness simply won’t slenderize. When I’m tired, you’re apt to find me in my bedclothes, with days-old unwashed hair, praying a video call isn’t on the remote-work agenda for the next few hours. Once I get the gumption to dump my gloom, the sea change sets in. It’s been a funny trick for me to play with this concept whenever the vexation monster creeps in. I can be staring at my naked body in comparative disgust to the Love Island ladies, but as soon as I put on my precious pumps I feel I run the world! Add to this way the operations of top performance determination (aka body, health, mind exercises). Imagine what universes’ I could rule with my wealth of acceptance simply through the circumstantial evidence of looking how I feel. We literally wear our feelings every day.

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. ~Anne Wilson Schaef

Maybe you were raised on the streets of bad habits too. Take the enterprise of dieting for example. Out from under the roof of my perfect-health-appearing parents, I had the misfortune to not fall in their footsteps in terms of the edibles that slid through my esophagus. While they’d ‘educated’ me in their wine and egg diet or Jane Fonda workouts, it only served to bring me a cult of personality chasing my own best diet regime later on to no avail. I yo-yoed huge weight loss needs by way of fitness bootcamp and eat right for your blood type models to the tune of minus forty pounds or more only to pack it back on eventually. I can fully own presently that I’m a food addict. It’s not only that I love food because there’s so much tenderness in the taste. I have become aware that many foods are poison for my longevity. Crash-dieting might pretend to sort an instance of selfie-worthy seduction. However, reality is gonna come knocking to blow the portions back in bulk if you’ve not properly learned nutritious guardianship of your internal home base. Slim your insanity to witness the alleviation of all kinds of ailments. I find the more knowledge I have the closer a discipline aligns. Moderation is a meaningful mantra therein every day. I’ll pay dearly for that ice cream cone, but if I take the time to buy the coconut milk version I’m winning the licking contest with you. Let’s cut the flab and pursue the fab!

If you experience a health challenge, Life is inviting you to love yourself. In other words, no matter what your problem is, there is only one answer: loving yourself. ~Louise Hay, Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts & Food — The Ultimate Diet

The word ‘diet’ has morphed from the noun pronouncing what we intake to a semblance more akin to our cultural Hallmark card or Kleenex box. It’s become a brand unto itself as a means of restriction to an end of poor habits. I think this special distinction of restriction is doing way more damage than good. With zero offense intended toward the sappy greetings industry of Hallmark that got me through my teen boyfriend years or the miles of Kleenex I’ve cried tears into, there are plenty of other cards and tissues in the universe serving a swell purpose. My point is that dieting is to weight loss what that wagon is for the addicts. You’re failing to learn how to fashion that wagon into an aircraft to take off so you never see those darn wheels again or dismantling that wagon to rebuild a garden box to grow your own organic goodies. Support yourself from inside out and outside in, as the rescue of our souls is a state of mind, not a sale of purchase.

In spotlight admission, I recently (re)committed to a healthy lifestyle eating focus early July, appropriately post-fireworks food-crushing-temptations day. After spending time with my ten-year-old nephew nearly my height and only seventy-two pounds, I couldn’t ignore the math that I was essentially swathed in a mini-me in his exact weight I wanted to lose. The guilt ignited a fire to ponder about why I’m carrying this extra body around with me for so many years. I need to remove this physically, emotionally, healthfully, and psychologically and KEEP IT OFF! No matter a headache, as well I’m keeping a food log of every single item of food and drink that enters me, I came clean to announced to a best friend and chef obtaining her nutrition degree currently in CA that I have a master plan to let go of the additional me by end of 2020 (70 lbs ideally = this complete ‘other person’ that might as well be me carrying around my living, breathing blood relative!). Accountability is as efficient as a drunk on a bar crawl for me.

This venture has included ‘speaking’ to my entire internal blood bank by causing the exertion of sweat (also known as exercise) in an enjoyable one-hour me-time mode every day additionally. I go swimming to practice my favored treading water or walk listening to podcasts plus rolling calls with people I adore as a distraction. No diets; just proper care. No mega stress; just watching everything that comes near me, as I’m a food craving machine. I can anticipate this to choose to match it with my looks and feelings if I don’t speed through the fried chicken drive-thru or mac-n-cheese baiting me (even though I may be standing poolside in a sea of bikini-clad millennials who’ve missed out on the gain-train thus far). I can fill my bowl to the brim with ambrosial delights that don’t bloat my tummy to the sucking-in suffocation when stripped to my bathing-beauty self. Wisdom in our older ages is a bugger, a beast, a burden, a best friend, and a damn guru!

Love is not as important as good health. You cannot be in love if you’re not healthy. You can’t appreciate it. ~Bryan Cranston

I’m one of those who wholly identify with the love language of touch. I live to be touched warmly, affectionately, gracefully, artistically, with charm, penetrating attention, and the passionate pursuit of a gopher digging a hole. Oh, and sex has had a huge impact on all of the above. Duh, right?! Therefore, coaching myself through the arc of healthy sexing and the not-so-subtle art of ending the abhorrent flinging routine of giving my f8cks away has been a field study in adult toxicity. I always perceived sex as one of the healthiest endeavors I do. The enlightenment that sex and love do not always cohabitate tangled my soul. The a-ha was a typical earthquake trembling. There was no denying I’d allowed my exploits to run amuck and far from love too many times. If I really want love, I need to love me. If I really love me, I need to act like I love me. Every bit of this effects all aspects of my sexuality, friendships, career moments, and more. We owe it to ourselves to give a few f*ucks about our health for the long, large, and love of it all.

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. ~Deepak Chopra

We are the saviors we’ve been waiting for.

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