Phoenix Rising, Photo by BradensEye

Fall in love every single day!

Fall in love wherever you sleep.

Fall in love about the incredible dreams you were experiencing.

Fall in love for the comfy bed that gave you sweet slumber.

Fall in love alongside the snuggle bunny(ies) next to you, if there are ones.

Fall in love upon the freedom if you’re solo.

Fall in love amidst the clothes you wear, but especially being naked too.

Fall in love around intimacy of all kinds.

Fall in love for the cartoons, shows, and movies you watch.

Fall in love with all kinds of different people you meet.

Fall in love closely with animals and all creatures great to small.

Fall in love connected to nature.

Fall in love undivided by our Mother Nature.

Fall in love united to the cosmos.

Fall in love oozing music and singing.

Fall in love in the arms of dancing.

Fall in love about all creative ventures.

Fall in love flowing silence.

Fall in love choosing joyous work to do.

Fall in love manifesting learning.

Fall in love percolating wisdom.

Fall in love because conversation and communication are key.

Fall in love with adventure and travel, no matter how near or far.

Fall in love with fireworks, just by the virtues of beauty.

Fall in love especially of accomplishments of others and your own.

Fall in love with exactly whatever stares back at you in the mirror.

Fall in love impressively to your thoughts and imagination.

Fall in love as to the uniqueness of your skin, eyes, hair, smile, laughter, curves, lack of curves, your every inch.

Fall in love gracefully for your brain, your body, your whole self.

Fall in love gloriously giving.

Fall in love radiating receiving.

Fall in love elegantly about emotions.

Fall in love admirably round rich qualities of vitality: honesty, integrity, respect, heroism, courage, bravery, dignity, compassion, confidence, and acceptance.

Fall in love ambitiously for positivity.

Fall in love with love.

There are so many ways to fall in love. We’ve been presented a life. We cross paths with so many options along that passage in which to rewards ourselves or face trials. Love merely asks us to find the good in all of it and to keep the good in great connection to our highest mindset to keep us trudging through the harrowing ruts. Love seeks to break the barriers of unhappiness to fill the void with an enchantment and allegiance to amour.

Stay in love! Once you’ve loved, if you truly have loved another person or thing, you know that loves never wanes. In fact, it’s most often that love multiplies, expands, reaches even farther on its trajectory of epic upsurge swelling to go beyond any capacity you have ever conceived possible. Love had ‘legs’, which a favorite of mine — Edgar Cayce — would call lifetimes of soul mates. Love is that cool. Love is that capable. Love is wise. Love offers us the daring belief in forever.

Love upgrades our existence. Love gives us the juice to burn brighter than the sun. As a sailor of the earth, I was recently introduced to the concept of being a sailor of the skies. The idea of dashing as a skipper of the sky, tacking between isles of clouds, made me love what’s above us evermore. Like the phoenix transformation mythology, love commits renewal to us over and again. Love is eternally wanting us to be better with loving. Love keeps furnishing more love and trusts us with love, as long as we wish to love.

Love as wide as the universe, deep as the oceans, higher than the stars, as fully as the largest cup you may envision runneth over. Love is infinitely better this way. Love is meant to be grand, pushed, pulled to extremes, drawn out over generations, centuries, eons, epochs, to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe (she playfully adds), and lifetimes. Love never dies. Just as I grant that souls never die. Loving souls are tied to the love. Love is a feeling, doing, and being. Therefore, I posit there is no end to love ever. Once you love it is there for all time.

For love is a way, the way, the reason, the meaning, the gift, the purpose, the answer, and the everything in all bits between and then some. Love is what built so many of us. Love represents our quality of life. Love will not only get you through, love is your thoroughfare. Love is the before, the middle, and the afterward. Love is the enterprise for striving.

Love as magnificently as the lions’ roar. Love as colorfully as the Gay Pride Parades. Love without conditions. Love without expectations. Love sans assumptions. Love when it hurts. Love when you’re deliriously elated. Love during trouble. Love during triumph. Love a whole heck of a lot. Just love. And when you do, love fiercely.

* This story is in honor of one of the greatest humans I’ve ever known, Donald Norris Fessman. Don is that person who embodies love, loving, and the celebration of all that meaning. Cheers to those you know who come in with such a bundle of love that you cannot help but shine around them too! *

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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