Lovely Dueling Lethal Layers

4 min readNov 22, 2019


Tender Targets, Photo by BradensEyeEase

Vivacity is a leveling of the playing field in which our spirit sways. Catching the connection point where we tip from the top of our world to the bottom of our barrels makes the entire lesson of living more manageable. For all the hot-topic dispensaries in our society, we can’t quickly pop into some spot to trade our money for non-toxic postures. Yes, anyone can be dealt disagreement. To lose those In contrast to bonny bounty is a study in the settings of your self. Similar to software and its updates, if we fail to install proper programs then defects propagate. That we have all things lovely dueling lethal layers anytime is a bugger. Yet, inside this is the drill that will prepare your flesh faster than any body bootcamp. When we widen the viewfinder to circle back to see the whole picture, we may remember the comely conditions to pluck. Lead with a powerful preference for trending the bend back toward your favored tune. Suit up with volition election.

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone… ~Lin Yutang

I stepped inside the conversation with such enthusiasm that I thought I may have taken my name out of the hat seeming too eager. The wager was an opportunity to add a new country to my travel list. For me, this is probably similar to others favorite football team winning or the loving furry not vomiting on your chest before morning coffee. I live for simple pleasures that are not entirely in my hands. However, hooking an international event production at the eleventh hour is quite like water-boarding at best. At the peak of venting about the dire difficulties we faced to complete before showtime, my girlfriend spoke words that had purely been a random crumb in my brain. She quickly blurted aloud that she must be growing up since she no longer felt the need to help “do it all” by replying to everything just because she was on copy in communications. Indeed, wisdom of the ages had caught up with her on a train of consideration that I had begun to afford myself in the last decade. Her thirties were looking like my forties. However, just by her voicing it, I felt some universal endorsement of the validity for the very first time. The whole nine yards is not our responsibility.

Breath is the power behind all things… I breathe in and know that good things will happen. ~Tao Porchon-Lynch

I’m best when sorting slumber by 10pm. The new gig took me by storm until 2am the initial full day. Thinking I might get away with a doze through 10am the following morning was a laughable way to fall asleep. Overnight, the clutches of my shoulder tips shoved into my ear sockets had loosened. But, a wee 8am peak at my smartphone turned my snooze into a snarling struggle. A flood of emails and texts seemed to yell at me. (Although merely words on a digital screen, I’m trusting you’ve noticed how too many messages take on this animation of aggressive action.) Before accomplishing anything vertical, I spent three hours, still in sleepwear, beneath the covers, jamming through replies. It only takes a second to breathe. And while it can take an equal second for you to be smacked backward, that breath is still readily awaiting to subdue any seething tentacles of stress. Feel the calling of choice moments to imbibe a breather.

Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it. ~Ray Bradbury

I bet my laundry list of crappy trappings rivals your own. Nevertheless, delicacies are the tender marrow buried in our bones. We must be kind to ourselves. Tugging is less hostile than tearing. Grabbing a child from another’s warm arms generally begs the rupture of bawling. Whereas, gently asking the child if you may hold them often transpires a mellow passing. This is the dueling difference defined. Then there are the limelights. No one but you can move you from the estate of swirling luxury, the comfort of your cabin, nor the endless reaches of fresh air as you sidestep savage ramblings of the world usually stabbing you. Picture yourself: an uninhibited heartbeat fluttering in the wind of whatever backdrop is your proclivity. As we moreover chillax to the max, we tire our tightenings. By consenting to the expiration, we can close the cases of noxious nooks in our livelihood. Evoke intimate empathy.

Calmness is the cradle of power. ~Josiah Gilbert Holland

Choking on tons of homicidal coatings of our mind is obviously harmful. We’re equipped to create as many troubles as the ones knocked our direction. Our inner workings are the true resolver of this mortal combat. One can dignify control through a sense of calm. Zoom in on those everyday ordinary items that excite extraordinary results. Seeing that flower bud fixated my focus back into my body. Away from the strains jerking me around, that straightforward plane of beauty stuck with me. This floret wasn’t fighting against the impending weather. Though it might be tossed with turbulence, it remained open with its opulence. For every separate layer, all together it was announcing how good-looking it is to be! Placidly is not only seated next to godly, I think they are an ‘item’ (if you get what I mean, wink wink). Fate gave you the foxy fortune of selection. Adopt and adapt with ease.

Don’t try to force anything. Let life be a deep let-go. God opens millions of flowers every day without forcing their buds. ~Osho

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