Lubricating Your Light

Full Steam Ahead, Photo by BradensEye

You are the path. You cannot ever truly be off of the path, my friends. Everything that’s surrounding you right now is where you’re supposed to be. Though, believe me, I understand the choking hazard this may represent for many. But, the whole nine yards of whatever’s happened for you, to you, and will come to be is your unique pathway. You are the tangy enchilada, the song-worthy shebang, and the entire ball of wax wound into one sweet expression of living. Your arc of existence is where your travels make out with your transcendence. When your daily passage is both a duty, as well as duly created by you. We’re always learning how we can be the very thing that we are seeking. Therefore, lubricating your light is gonna help bash the rude crude slicking over any spots. Radiance is a relentless celebration we’re all invited to. Why censure yours.

If you play me then you
Play yourself. ~
Alison C. Rollins, Quartet for the End of Time, After T. S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets

It became one of those clever a-ha clichés. It wasn’t about stepping up my shine or even into it. It’s the fact that we are the shine. You, who are the fire to your fumes running low. You are the torch you search to ignite. You know what to do with my ego, absent of completely killing it. Yet, also, disallowing it any weird invincibility complex. You’re the backbone for my fearlessness. Whose lodging can cultivate a consideration so very soundly. To pick it up, package it with glamour wrapping, and have it delivered back to me whenever I’ve drowned it in the sea or sorrows or screamed it off a treacherous cliff for the umpteenth time. You’re meant to follow your own rules. Although, honoring how to bend without breaking the ones we ought to respect. Growing space to kindle your beams to flicker brilliantly ascends from your insides. Wouldn’t you rather see rainbows?

You’ve shown me how to think like the sun and pull wisdom from the moon. Especially, if I ever step too far away from my innate powers of self-love, leaning sorely self-full, in order to be anything I was put here to be. Our biggest battles are inherently within ourselves. Anytime struggle is surfacing it’s a good chance to exhume an inward journey. Scars that seem to tinge our brightness are simply road maps to our higher heart offerings. They clarify the way in which survival holds our treasures. Wherefore, let us group-goal to hurl gnarly shadows at our backs and invariably reset light in our sights. Directing your scenery so that you’re silhouetting any shreds of indecency is paramount personality superstardom. Taken as your sweeping spectrum, you’ve forever got boost in your roost that begs to be invested for blazing use.

Such bright eyes
ऐसी ऐसी रोशन आंखें
Are both the lights illuminating?
रोशन दोनों हीरे हैं क्या? ~
A.R. Rahman / Gulzar / Tanvi Shah, Jai Ho

Clouds of shade are canopies for conscious uncovering. The riddle of best friendship rests at this point. The most important relationship of your life is the union with oneself. Oh, what we get when our dazzle isn’t forgetting a dawning! Your luster deserves the same light of day each and every day. Staying hidden rarely serves. Listen to your elders as closely as it pays to hear yourself speak volumes of guidance. As guru Grandma gives young David a golden ray of delight: “It’s better to see it than to have it hide. Things that hide are more dangerous and scary.” A snake is just as afraid of you. Equally, the dim of the night might worry you into an illusion that a black rope is a slithering scare. Enlighten your slack. Scintillation will glisten loudly if others are able to receive it. I urge you to employ the majority of your shimmer.

Since we’re bound to lose our sh*t sometimes (x a lot more often), I appeal to the reminder that it’s plenty of environmental poop’s fertilizing enrichment which turns trees to flowers on. With infinitely heated debate to all cynical assumptions, anyone can choose to change an element of their darkness into a lightness of being. I conceive that contrast is about poking through the domination of negativity until you’re peaking toward the shiny sparkles. It’s an artistry of peeking around enough so that you’re not missing whatever glimmer inspires you to keep on an advancement spree. When it comes to meeting the stretch of your soul’s missions, half-assing ain’t the policy for flaunting your limbs amidst a flock of luminosity. Don’t let going the distance make you distant, nor reduce your glow. Enrolling ample horizons is why promise resides.

We should all savor endless seduction of illumination’s anointment.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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