Memories That Keep Us Motivated

Tuning in to Those Who’ve Passed, Photo by BradensEye

Loss is our giant perspective making-memories machine. As soon as we’ve turned a transition to losing that special prospect, person, pet, job, experience, fortune, body capability or else, we’re flooded with the stories of what encompassed all of our time with that very aspect. Denied anymore of whatever we’re mourning, life bows overtures bidding we churn any spurn into motivational meaning instead. While it’s ok to be down in the dumps, we don’t want to linger in that wasteland. That upgrade for a comfy seat on the long haul plane ride transports its weight in life years compared to the grueling overtime hours spent at the office away from the very family with whom we’d rather be sharing time. Carving the crevices of time to make long-lasting memories is the quality of life worth seeking this second and all of them forward. Glorious mementos are most excellent souvenirs to hatch the seedlings of the very legacy we’re meant to be all along.

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. ~Havelock Ellis

People passing effects vary wildly. When those and that which we adore have moved onward in body, spirit or physicality, we’re given an opportunity to think deeply about why we’re living as we do. Whether timely, abruptly, peacefully or painfully, we encounter reflections to provoke a true purpose to our lives. I remember cheering through a downpour of tears during a live delivery of dear Chelsea Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend story about the loss of her legendary hubby Scott and her choice to lead further with his dynamic community. Her speech perfectly gave me permission to follow my own heart, no matter the roots it dug up, cast aside, trashed, recreated, or crafted anew. Just as the hint of my steamiest kisses in life are carried with me every day I seek my partner, no matter how many minutes I hover without him. Like a trained masseuse massaging your weary muscles to the warmth of elite use again, bright memorabilia of our minds is storage to stimulate our livelihood from any grind into a gift.

When we have achievements that are based on theirs; we remember them. ~Sylvan Kamens and Rabbi Jake Riemer

Celebrating our deceased is a lovely turn of distraught sentimental energy to touching character ideals. I was compelled to stop at this colorfully dotted landscape on my way back from a grocery shop the other day. Every few feet there were bright bouquets of flower in every primary hue poking from the headstones of this cemetery. I was moved to lower all my car windows to blast the rock-n-roll tunes on my radio stereo so those beneath the ground could get their bodies shaking. Each time my grandfather lifted his strong arm to point out to horizon over the large expanse of water, I knew a wise tale was to be told. He would speak of movies, productions he directed, inspirational stories of real humans he’d met, or writings he developed that one day may be willingly read by those outside his family. The fact that I’m blogging these excerpts of my innards is attention I owe to his devotion of words. Remembrances of others in all that we may do carry impulses of instigation. Equally, I used to suffer some serious hamartia. An ex-boyfriend would get married, have kids, gain a great job or a raise and I would go into an emotional tizzy querying: “Why not with me?!” Eventually, it dawned on me that even with those I didn’t align completely, my outstanding performances of freedom and happiness could be traced back to our dissolutions. I became ambitious to learn that achieving loss has rewards too.

I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil. ~J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

Grieving grants us more room to find a motif to thrust us ahead. I gravitate to romance films, powerful speakers, and group therapies to get a good cry on. I thrive within sagas that induce my sobbing and stomp the grumpster inside me. And while I don’t look to develop reasons to cry over dissolution in my intimate relationships or with family and friends travails, the mere relics of times gone astray are stout reminders compelling more sound decisions with my future. On par, I’ve cried a lot over a loss that hasn’t quite happened yet. My enthusiastically cherished World Domination Summit community will no longer be gathering in the same form after its tenth year in 2020, choosing to close on a high. Ironically, the bulk of my bawling is covered in smiles. This group of global-do-gooders invented a family of non-conformists, for which I’d spent my decades prior searching. In the true sense of relatives who relate to one another, we’ve come to see there is a world where people living their dreams and supporting one another exists 24/7. My weeping is the shedding of lost hope. Indeed, it’s laden with the brief fear of losing touch with so many I hug in person annually. But, then in swoops social media to remind me near all are a click away instantly whenever wanted. Of all things that will stay with us, mastering the movement of stirring memories is a sweet salve.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. ~Thomas Campbell

Savoring the theme of certain memorable moments propels the special force that allows them to gain influential drive. Particular patterns of loving, living, diving into people and places are all fabulous facets for motivating our best manners of being. Lifting the liveliness in ourselves and others is a sincere form of reason. When we’re unforgettable in all of the maximum ways, we flourish (no matter still on the earthly plane or beyond). There are a few exceptional men I’ve only met once, yet our radars cannot help reconnecting around the notion that we’re destined to be together in some splendid design. The first time I met two of them, separately, was all business at the outset. Years (in age and timespan) and states (in mindset and geographically) apart has never swayed the onslaught of chemistry that quickly arises when we speak or text. I’ve caught myself pining for them, delving into the impression they leave on me (and the impression I wish they might one day physically leave upon me literally), and even discussing marriage on a positive slant with one of them. We all have the capacity to leave trails of loving prestige in our wake, should we dare to cause them.

The song is ended, but the melody lingers on. ~Irving Berlin

May the memories we chose to create today be the joys of our infinity.



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