Mind Move this Matter

State of Mind, Photo by BradensEye

Dear Mind,

I’ve got a bone to pick with you, as my southern roots would say. This is about me, but it’s also for him, and for her, and for many (any) others.

I know you’ve got mojo and I’ve seen you work magic. You know I dance the fence tops between science and all things holy. I’m counting on your divinity to cast off all division and sink deeply within universal quantum-reaching infinitely wise possibility like you’ve never sought before.

Because I’m asking. I haven’t asked a lot of you in life. I remember talking out loud to the air as a child thinking someone was listening. Maybe that’s part of this learning — figuring out that we must ask the seemingly unknown to produce real results. I seek to believe. I yearn to have faith that rivals the almighty gurus. I want you to complete me so much so that I become one of those shiny beings touting miracles with the living proof of experience to show off at speaking engagements, or in the least during intimate to fancy dinner parties.

I realize I come to you primarily during a catastrophe when I’m down and distraught. Please accept my sincere apologies. I know you’re always available to me. You know I worship your creativity, although I’m not using it to full potential as often as I may like. I’m working on that flow. I get that you enjoy stretching as much as my bendy self or any of my yoga friends. I recognize you appreciate docile meditation on par with intense training. Now, I’ve hit the stage of the requirement to begin a more intimate relationship with you. I want your all. I need to be fully committed, engaged, and on the path to a lucky lifetime of marriage with you.

Again, this is for me, but equally for all. I’ve come to know that what I think does affect all others. Mostly because this human (me, he, she, they) deserves a fully flourishing life without all the suffering. You know we’ve overflowed a suffering cup a few times already. Also, this person’s community will haunt you for lack of trying. (My best attempt at humor in horrible times, please forgive me.) We are lovers, but put up one helluva fight too.

Our potential as humans can solve the woes, repair the bridges, fix the cracks, discover new things to fix future issues, and all that jazz. We are beings so pure of love and light. When we become inexplicably parked in stall mode, we technically have no business there. I reckon you have a method to your madness. Only, the world has too much madness, so I’m suggesting you back off a bit to better balance us into mind-blowing magnificence. Please move the f@#$ all over the matter of our dear human bodies to furnish them with robust working shape! Some are fighting mentally, physically, psychologically, and all I think emotionally on a multitude of levels.

We aren’t given heaps of time relative to the beginning as we know it until our end. We have zero time to spare in crisis. No trusty handbook is submitted with birth, nor to lead us through those valleys in the shadow of death. Most of us have to go in search of important information that renders itself vital I find. Take the example of loss we all must face. The invaluable circle of grief, formally known as Ring Theory, is a vital guide for support, yet not everyone is aware. For all the beautiful living reasons for our earthly moments, I ask your help to move all this human matter beautifully forward. I believe we’ve paid our tuition in full. We arrived. We want the most of goodness you have to offer. Shall we begin with equality for all?

Education and communication appear to be the roots of a vast archive I wish every body on this planet could access. This story is a cerebral undertaking to uproot the real possibility that each one of us has the ultimate power to influence our state of being by grappling with our mind as it was produced. Take that neuroscience deems this one song reduces your anxiety by a whopping 65%. In addition, the article lists the top ten anxiety-reducing tunes and introduces a Spotify public playlist for a peaceful reshaping of your mood. I’ve played this countless times the last week during a very rough patch of emotions. I love it so much!

I admit my ways and means aren’t commonplace. However, I was gifted a family that applauds my unusual thinking, or generally allows space for it. While we’re on the topic of out of the ordinary, I regard options to help my mind over matter moments with such items as this healing music said to regenerate tissues. I will keep pouring over the actionable ‘essays’ of mind over matter talks the delicious internet embraces.

When I seize the reigns of charity work I literally feel my matter move into a stronger frame… of mind. Fondling furry things, from pets and stuffed animals to people, I go from wilting to wondrous waking states. I watch what happens with my mind when I take a quiet walk in the woods to capture my attitude by arranging my feelings with a natural shape onto the fallen tree trunk stump. I don’t have to think about smiling, sighing a breath of relaxation and lightness, I effortlessly do so.

Fond affection and firm belief,

“Service turns the light on in the darkness.” — Tim Ballard

Whether your current disposition is smooth or ruffled, I salute your path to mind over matter movement.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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