Chasing Mirages, Photo by BradensEye

What we see is not always what we get. Perceived ‘facts’ of life may stump us but are equal chaperones to contour an evolution if we permit them. The concept of a mirage has always been a vision I adore. How we are able to hallucinate what is a fantasy and not a reality, without injecting drugs into our system I find as utter criteria for the depths of life.

Mirage syndrome is a state of attachment I’ve found to be operating in most of us at differing times, or with some of us all the time. With more than 7.6 billion as the world population continues to tick upward, that represents tons of mortal opinions, judgments, misconceptions, and illusions flying around. This is a considerable effigy of chaos at best. Just try idling your brain to conceive of what so many billions of thoughts look and feel like at the same time. The vision of scores of individuals observing as they see fit is why we end up with environments of mirage, in lieu of truth.

Our racial commonality is that we’re all human. That’s hordes of humans causing problems for the sake of their personal prognosis of anything they encounter. I don’t mean that we ought not to be processing. And while I would prefer daily group hugs for a lengthy time multiple times a day, I agree (without having to take a formal vote) it’s farfetched I’ll get everyone on my side. The point is the realization of the information we’re receiving. Instead, as we capture throngs of hypothetical intel all around us, how about we assemble the pieces with more absolute and affirmative manner before we authoritatively throw our weight around. Mirage syndrome’s greatest combatant is intelligence.

Fantasies run amuck are just one side effect of mirage syndrome. I’m a culprit of the Cinderella syndrome caveat neatly given great status under the mirage syndrome. This is a case of fixating on the eventual Prince Charming actually showing up to rescue my solo existence. I know he’s an animated character, later made into live action. However, the mirage of my imagination, along with copious romantic dreams over my lifetime, leaves him somewhat humorously enfolded into my hopes, as if a contingency plan to my healthy mind’s awareness of reality. That said, I could meet a real Prince, who rides horses, has a family castle, and truly falls in love with me, since all those elements are real. It’s that the mirage syndrome of possibility is a catch-all for losing my life footing and winding up with no one.

I’m a social butterfly. I meet new people almost daily. If I’ve in a certain poor mood, I might quickly cut off a communication, or assume a state of someone else’s behavior or dialogue as the complete opposite from their intention. This, too, I call part of the mirage syndrome. When you are so focused on nothing but yourself that you cannot help but filter only through your mind’s eye, then you’re more likely to fall privy to the detriments of mirage syndrome. People as a whole are not set out against you. Society as a community body is wholly trying to keep afloat just as the nation tribes, distinct citizens, and populous hierarchy weigh in. Overall, each wants the love, respect, resources that all deserve. Thinking for the one as personal care is useful, while thinking for the greater good of family humanity is indispensable.

Understanding why mirage syndrome is at play might support the crucial disruption to stop it when you catch it operating. In essence, we come from hunter-gatherer types who had to fend for themselves first. It’s in our DNA to look out for the ‘me’ initially. When processing through merely the ‘me’, what often occurs is the ego. I think the ego has a fair stake in swaying the mirage syndrome sufficiently in a scanty way. Ego alludes to protecting by implanting ideas that aren’t always efficient in our modern era. What was once a vibe to try to keep us from the hungry tiger, might instill a harsh range of theories missing facts. I’m only inferring you keep to not overtly judging anyone without reviewing them fully. Safety first, yes. But kindness and reality first besides.

Every day, there is a slew of atmospheric mirages happening around the world. There are movies and books that portray the plight of crossing typical deserts near peril only to ‘see’ what appears to be salvation in the way of a mirage. After endlessly chasing the apparition of water skating on the earth’s surface, we find the mirage disappears or is nil. We must accept there was a refraction of authenticity and not the true watering source. We are called to face fallibility versus what is genuine.

In my quest for maximizing a legitimately righteous and resplendent life, I’ve sought to nuzzle the mirage syndrome when it rears its pretend penetrating head. There’s always advice keenly cradled within, but I don’t have to clutch it for dear life. Where I sometimes still follow a mirage, I look further to use mirage syndrome as a means to expand my insight about the someone or something for which I become massively intrigued.

Scientia potentia est ~ “knowledge is power”. And do let the truth set you free. May you take what you devotedly know is no mirage and let it keep you free to be the best you, as I work on the best me.

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