My Date With a Mat (No, Not a Man)

Melting Into Me Time, Selfie

All lasting romances are rooted in well-being. What we bring into relationships is exactly what we get out of them. I’ve mocked about the need to have licenses for birthing to annual drive testing. Quite often, I’m convinced there’s ample room to add sanctioned permission for intimacy to that list. Having been consciously distancing from the courtship machine the latest few years of my living, and long before social distancing was anything mandatory, I’m finding sincere irony that right when I was ripe for an international fling that might well reach that commitment I’ve been patiently cultivating, in walks COVID-19 upsetting the scenery. So, my date with a mat (no, not a man; nor a man named Matt for that matter) always reminds me of the true values required for partnering. Plump from the attack of this virus quarantining, while cornered indoors wishing for a sensual fantasy, I turn to this reliably personal lovemaking prospect: body-bending combined with body-mindful discipline.

The older guys have a saying at Wedge… “Small days break necks. Big days will drown you.” ~Tim Burnham, Director/Producer Dirty Old Wedge

On that quotable note, I’m acutely interested in understanding as many elements as possible about topics that I covet so that I may keep my head above the proverbial water, tread, or swim freely as the conditions present themselves. Thereby, wellness begins within devotedly. Our physique ought to be our first religious order. Maintaining a regular practice, I aim to be ready for the much-awaited amorous reality. The valor that comes through this daily divining with me brings patience, ease, relaxation, and stronger communication with self. What lover wouldn’t embrace such sanity? Every union on the planet could use added doses of that! The idea I’ve taken wholeheartedly into my isolation is giving some undivided, deliberate, and persistent attention to a routine of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and playful curiosity around what it feels like to commune with myself. By allowing ourselves space to internally spend time assessing through our bodies we create a deeper connection ability when interacting with others.

The mat will never fight with you. It won’t talk back to you. Although, you may find moments of arguing with yourself at the mat. Also, you may hear a lot of your own noisy dialogue during your movements to stillness. Following the treasure of felt sense exercising has trained my attunement to the very things I think I want to be attaining or not. Aligning with listening to my individual experiences of hunger to limitations, I’ve opened the doorway to learning profound self-respect. I notice my pain threshold. I don’t push myself unless that seems like a good notion. Gargantuan gratitude has become my best friend by pledging this consistent custom for me. No longer simply grasping at strings, I’m able to remember to ground by centering and evaluate myself adoringly. Whenever we seek acknowledgement of ourselves we craft the placement of more scope to be cherished. Taking care of us is taking care to attract the most fortunate for us.

Take me in, don’t give me up
Show me that I can be loved ~
Free Throw, Tips Are Appreciated

Punched in the gut by an entangled disagreement ~ Get your down-dog on. Anxiety trying to strangle your landscape ~ Grant yourself an extra few gulping sighs of soothing breathing. All kinds of somatically sifting trends lend their great traits to this state of doing. Moreover, hanging out with oneself doesn’t have to equal a lonely affair. Setup candlelight or a playlist to rival your favored DJ. Reflect on the later reverie of sweet smells of showering off your sweaty frame. Next, stepping into a bed to perfect your stretches at fingering to arching your limbs as if you were flowering for your partner-to-be. Letting go all squandering of pleasures, you come to convene for calming, focusing, and transforming offensive entities. This type of music to your ears is about syncing naturally to your innate sovereign sacredness. A true purpose you’re providing yourself is liaising to chosen people with increased flexibility. Evaporating the obscene gives rise to savoring.

A finer point of love is distilling the power of releasing. Our impression of bonding usually infers scoring with another. Yet, the glue for coupling is adhering to our waves of emotional sensitivity with bravery meets responsibility. For example, as frequently as we strive to schedule touch, the reward lies in accountability. My belief system magnetizes because I’m employing a healthy methodology. Achieving this magic isn’t hiding inside an 8-Ball or some witch’s wand. Wisdom is yours for the summoning throughout your ages. Completeness starts with channeling trust in your gut before you go outside of yourself. The uniquely important feature is why single is useful partially. I figure there’s no quota on the amount of leveling up from mansplaining to man(pre)paring [coined today] this approach is offering. Implying the agility one may obtain for behaving appealingly for a mate. In the near future, maybe babe, it’s you and me online dating? [OKCupiders reactivation pour moi foreshadowing]

Harmoniously, Photo by BradensEye with love from the land of yoga, mandalas, and more: India

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