Another expedition around the sun. Another ritual of focus and fun. It’s my birthday today + a lucky Super Blue Blood Moon lunar eclipse! I chose to honor it through this devotion to me. With a festive nod to the two humans who gave me such phenomenal life — Jim and Braden.

My Vows

I promise to count all the freckles and spots upon you like a gorgeous constellation,
To be dedicated to your creativity, imagination, learning, and expertise,
One of your biggest fans, cheerleader, friend, and lover,
Your wanderlust mate and your mischief-maker,
Your yogi, guru, mentor, teacher, and student,
Your partner in success and in (nonserious) crime,
Your muse, sidekick and steady source of inspiration.
I will remember to have your back, your front, your sides,
While adoring all the angles between and beyond.
I will remind you to seek those crevices, nooks, and crannies,
As well the peaks, summits and mountain tops,
To be charmed and enchanted with every stitch of this fabric of life,
Attracted to the happy familiar and curious of the unknown,
Lacking as much as able in judgment, assumptions, expectations and poor opinions.
If you ever falter, may a mirror befriend you with deep eye contact,
To intimately revive you and emphasize the exquisite beauty that you are.
I pledge to be faithful, patient, caring, supportive and rational under most pressures,
As a sanctuary of peace, security, and joy.
Your body is a temple and we’ll work to keep honoring it.
I release you from constant worries, troubles, heartaches, and pain.
I will use my intellect and wit to win you over and keep you laughing.
I strive to embolden and empower you
To think way out of those boxes people always talk about.
I will cover as many corners of this planet as innovatively able,
Some easily enjoying moments with feet up sunbathing and reading,
Or luxuriating with massage, dining, boating, swimming, and basking in goodness.
I aim to keep many bikinis and one great pair of high heels
Along with a handful of other essentials in your well-worn possesions.
I will value you profoundly and affectionately,
As an integral element to what makes the world tick so well,
While knowing your uniqueness is so very special.
I will worship you and recognize your sacredness as rare
Among all things that are, were, or ever will be.
With enduring gratitude, I will walk with grace, sparkling everywhere,
Radiating as brightly as the stars, moon, and sun.
In each breath, grant blessings and grow,
Being a role model for learning and transcending.
Since your soul emanates charm and charisma,
Put it to use helping others, while they enlighten you.
Let yourself remember the trust of bliss,
And delight with meditation in routine movements.
Replicate abundance, dancing its wildness like a fine Tango.
Frolic as if sweet dreaming aloud is your daily jam.
Own this gift of you and believe in your infinity.
Inexplicably you have made me a better person.
Saucy is as saucy does.
May the force forever be with you!

Whether to celebrate your birth, or just because you’re alive right now, able to read this, or exist in whatever way, I encourage you to write your vows. Tell yourself some meaningful things. Be brazen. They may change year to year, day to day, or moment to moment. Underneath the wings of change, there’s the gift of purification. When you alight yourself with engagement, you cause this windfall of vitality. And, it being a birth day (for me), I think most of us are hoping to get more days full of at least that. The chance at more living.

So there! Go on… vow now.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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