AWEful Editing, Photo by BradensEye featuring Maui’s Sacred Garden

Every day is Earth Day. I was born the same 1970 year as the environmentally infamous observance of this wildly wondrous spinny world we get to live upon. Therein, I like to think that I was brought here as part of a special collective destined to worship all things Motherly Earthen. Idolizing the vehicle that literally keeps you grounded offers one the chance for fresh options with winged leaps over or across waterfalls, through trees, rushing or lazing about rivers, and satisfies those who’re sun-thirsty, hooked on salt-devouring and sea-creatures ought to be more easily respected salute. The very atmosphere from which we inhale fuels the ideas we then have healthy room to generate. Yet, as often as many of us skip along our happy ways, we’re skipping the super-conscious bow to the inventor of our sustainability. I humbly believe that naturally shifting is one of our greatest resources.

I prefer the color green.

I prefer the earth in civvies. ~
Wisława Szymborska, Possibilities, from Poems New and Collected

Living inside our sleeping to waking brains is an ever-ready eco-friendly switch. Turning on your intentional communication stream might be as foreign to some as the real-named version of water trickling past any rocky to foliage kingdoms of various wooded to field-filling scenery. So common for humanity’s ego-centric tendencies, we forget the forces and support operating twenty-four-seven all around us. Analogous to our own bodies, most people carry on throughout the days rather obliviously with regards to the instruments dutifully rewarding us. But lungs are ventilating the air your space is offering. Just as blood manages to continue a repetitive circulation to permit you to the formulation of tasks such as imagination, sitting up, standing, walking, talking, sneezing, crying for joy, or even crashing into a relaxed heap of rest. Everything we do relies on our planet nurturing us.

Exalting the architect that crafted the roof that stays safely above your head seems a logical enough gratitude to me. Although, I don’t always remember to shower thanks during my evening prayers in this manner. Not to mention the innumerable maternally protective aspects surrounding me soundly in my climate of habitat. We usually proceed without good thought of the powerful solar rays conducting our electricity or the conversions of seawater cycling scientific filtering to produce clean drinking fluids needed to support our nourishment. We exit our doors and stroll our chosen paths to streets rarely appreciating the bees or birds, branches to roots to flowers hard at trading oxygen and nutrients similar to the stock market whizzes. Each forging fortunes. However, the latter’s vital compared to elective. Alas, especially relating to our treatment of the elements, both equally volatile.

Have you noticed that you’re breathing
Look around and count your blessings ~
Brandon Hall Paddock / Cody Carson / Dan Clermont, Set It Off, Why Worry

If we may only marry this maker as speedily as we’re swiping right looking for our life mate. The conditions of our choices typically influence how we’re swayed. Therefore, I’m innately at odds with anyone flunking to care for this entire conversation of our ecology. I feel that a lot of our worrying grows from these seeds of selfishness planted whenever we’ve given up on our Mama Nature. Although, our loss of sensible awareness dangles ever-waiting to engage. I surmise that it’s a must maneuver hopefully patient and willing for our relationship. It’s our motions of valuation into the realm of recognizing our symbiosis with every teeny-weeny to the whole of organisms that are consequentially critical. Irrespective of how your abundance occurs, there’s a basis within its origin aligning from the stars which snuggle with the sun, the clouds, and all terrestrial strata of our globe.

The opposite of erosion is love. Heck, the classy opponent to anything negative disinfects with a bonkers arrangement of gargantuanly gooey honeyed harmony. Veering the amount of attention we place toward fighting for our celestial home matters to your ancestors, your peers, your children, your neighbors, and should mark the biggest difference for yourself. Teach yourself plus youth extra swell. Adults could benefit from a few kid ‘picnics’. Take a beat from Julian Lennon’s triplet: Touch the Earth, Heal the Earth, Love the Earth book series. Create waves vibing with other breakout greenie nobility. I try to lens this as if it’s a lease. That is the totality of lucking out with this alive doohickey. As with oodles we don’t truly own, we inherited this land. It’s a strange artifact and a lotta leverage when we’re flattering it properly. While its allegiance gestures cure after remedy after amendment again and again.

Organic Affairs Allowed, Photo by BradensEye

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