Nature Is Nurture

Nurturally, Photo by BradensEye

Look no further to feed yourself than the beauty of all nature around. Each of us deserves one reliable source that offers unwavering abundance wrapped in nourishment. Nature is that warm blanket after a torrential downpour of emotions soaked you to trembling. Nature is the grandparent who encourages you and lets you sneak a stash of candy from time to time. Nature dares you to see beyond details or rise to heights you only envisioned Superman cartoons climbing. Nature doesn’t mind your alone time. In fact, such drift of spirit is a trait most sought after to balance busyness with stillness. Nature will never break up with you, welcoming you again and again with wide open arms. Nature started this whole affair, to begin with. So, provided you enjoy romance, you’re in for a stimulating process of infinite growth and development.

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature. ~Frank Lloyd Wright

Gracefully facing whatever life lobs your way is the very healthy parent essence of nurture itself. As such, I’ve long tussled the hairy bits by way of embracing the finer attributes. Trees never fail to listen to me and always have my back. Patches of grass around the world have cradled me whenever I need a nap, make a wish upon a wildflower for a new love, embark into yoga, or need to steal a few personal hours of time reading a frothy book. Launching myself into any body of water literally and figuratively cleanses those nasty stragglers of complexity whose jaws become clenched on my brain. Slowly paddling any expanse of fluid liquidity calms my core. Racing sunbeam stretch marks on a mountain bike in the wilds, my eyes darting to closed brief interludes, joyfully causes the wind in my locks as swiftly as any natural air lifts. Camping or nature swimming are my highest-ranking fervent zones. In these throes of wilderness, my passion burns as brightly when connected with another, others, or solo. All are the same hit of paramount nurturing ecstasy.

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more. ~Lord Byron

Getting lost on purpose is a whole lot better than being lost otherwise. Generally speaking, nature isn’t out to get any of us. There’s a refuge in elements of nature which foster tender furtherance of one’s psyche strength. You can scream at nature and it doesn’t hurl obscenities back at you. Thrash your demons on its floor, crash your weight against its might, cast stones to which it assembles them easily amongst an already majestic array. It is rarely too far to walk to find fresh soil beneath your feet, a scenery the master painters spent years perfectly in their palettes, nor enough territory you may wish to roam your anxieties into forgottenness, likewise trade some caustic humor. Or caring to amplify those flaming peaks in life, dance with nature until the nightly disco ball light spins you to a new dawn. An unbridled birthplace of that best of armor — being patient, natural settings believe in humanity regardless of our faults and failings.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

No matter how well intended my positivity thinks it’s ranking, I have close ties with losing my own footing. Flipping out fruitfully causes me to want to off-road fast. Maybe your nature mirroring mine is one of those rare tropical islands I’m still saving way more than pennies to do some round-the-world hopping to (hear that, honey-to-be-during-our-moon!) eventually. Stowing away on the breezes that blow lightness unto your soul insinuates purely pungent life punch I want to drink until I’m drunk with stability all over again. Presently, as the hibernation of winter is shaking its shades of grays and whites into spring colors, a new leaf turns a new lease on living nurtured. Instead of shivering with smiles as I build a snowman, I can now bite the petals of a zillion different flavored flowers. The softness of individual snowflakes or peach fuzz or Irish-luck green moss are all better than any supplements I can buy at the drugstore.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ ~Robin Williams

I encourage nature as often as I rouse children to play with me. Whenever I begin limping about the lack of funds flowing into my bank account, the number of calendar years denoting an absence of my preferred male intimacy, and the disconnect status from showering the world with my expertise in career loss, I’ve learned how to ride this discipline into the blue yonder. Know what to do to cultivate a flicker into a flame to boost your bursts of energy. Get on the blower to roust some besties to meet you at the beachside or forest friendly fire pit with their couture marshmallows and exotic chocolates. Grab yourself a peak locale and practice roaring lion ferociously or howling until the wolves ponder you a pack conspirator. Wherever you’re able to launch a language of loving in nature near you please know any fall you perceive will be caught in the most gentle of arms. Freely hug a few trees, count a ladybug’s spots, sink your toes in the dirtiest of mud, and divine that the stars above were placed to remind you that light never vanishes so much as hides.

May you naturally elevate higher than our tallest mountains.



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