Nitty-Gritty Noticeability

Never-Ending Wonders Above, Photo by BradensEye

AWEsomeness. It’s everywhere. Awareness. It’s cultivated. Here’s a case where I’ll debate ignorance is most certainly not bliss. Crawling amongst us are tiny prehistoric-looking ants, pioneers aiming to solve our world water crisis or cure deathly diseases, and giant rock formations chiseled to resemble ancient humans. Paying attention to noticeable differences in our surroundings is a connective tissue of life.

It doesn’t matter if you leave your world bubble or stay put wherever you are. Embracing the finer details and the wide berth of our existence establishes a sophisticated bond with the very ground we stand upon. Opening ourselves to the pulse of the planet’s every inch offers us an acumen addendum. I believe our ability to notice drives our bonding, which in turns boosts our love and satisfaction.

Observation breeds innovation. Imprint emotionally, not only cognitively. I like to consider that the Einstein’s, Tesla’s, and even Dali’s of our times were sparked beyond the pure drive of creation for any practical sense of need or profit. I envision their passion pouring into the hours of time it took their brains to conjure and revise and master new inventions. They deeply cared about the intricacies of life. I feel their love whenever I embrace much of the daily world around me — gazing at the television or the sky full of photons, a brilliant bolt of lightning in a thunderstorm, and the genius of many an artwork.

I stumbled eyes-first toward an intimate relationship with noticeability. I’ve long held a knack for focusing. It’s become a happy hobby through the lens of many a camera for me. First, it simply began as a living mechanism for what caught my eye that others appeared to miss. Sometimes it was the small hermit crabs dashing through the sands of my little feet. Other moments I could catch the ‘face’ in a weathered rock canyon wall or the bird nestled high upon the tree top or skyscraper ledge. Often it’s hearts. Oh, so many hearts dangling their cupid’s pathways for me to follow around the globe. A leaf shaped like a heart, a whimsically wondrous oddly formed bit of fruit naturally appearing to look heart-shaped and so on.

Synergy might save us. I think there’s a compelling argument for the art of interaction when we discover all the details. From such point of view, there simply is no room for boring. Harmony alights the root of all there is. Leveraging cooperation between the delicacy of your desire to get by on your own accord mixed with the endless array of morsels around you may breed more kernels for the meaning of life. In fact, your capacity for welcoming the obscure to profound I dare define as the spirit of our very significance. Living without bodacious perception seems a waste of living itself!

Liberate your selfishness. Give way to the patterns, people, puny, and gargantuan alike. I wish for you a new fragile dance with the seemingly inconsequential. I hope the trivial begins to catch you off guard in delighted ways. May strangers tickle your fancy. Listen to the babbling brook. Thoughtfully regard the many words that dot billboards or minuscule print. Knit a sweater for the tiny Robin outside your window. Howl at the moon with the dark night’s coyotes. Caress the bedsheets slowly and devour the wavy meringue frosting one slow, sweet, spoonful at a time.

For all of life is quintessentially nitty-gritty.

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