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Shoveling our own sh*t out of the way is quite a load. It’s difficult to remain planted, as in both of our Goody two-shoes firmly grounded at all times. When devious addiction to crippling attachment, accusatory blame, or all levels to layers of humiliation race amuck we’re swept into a flurry of floundering. But, the investigation of exhuming the facts breeds the nuggets of development compulsory for transfigurating the math of equating our utmost evolution. Whether we’re talking individually, nationally, culturally, or globally doesn’t matter. The same applies for everyone to everything. Where we’ve been heavily clobbered, are navigating a smackdown with another, or reek of sluggish sacrifice, I submit you’re evidently asking the universe for an upgrade. The principle of no puff piece is aiming for the candy aspect of candor. As we wrap ourselves in morality we ramp our odds of triumph.

… no legacy is so rich as honesty. ~William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well

My personal celebrity is rooted within blockbuster shards of arrogant errors. If I didn’t know better, I’d use the phrase “I’ve had a boner for blunders” far longer than is penetratingly passionate by any length of comparison! (Not to mention, I’m a babe. Who, despite my bisexual exploratory moments, has zero current interest in pretending to take the male lead.) Yours truly has put in extensively laborious decades maintaining a monopoly with her jams for supple shame comprising a myriad of strains. From drugs dabbling to small-time stealing, my dirty dealings are head-hanging low points of my personality. Although, I’ve gleaned that enlightenment eeks from all edges of darkness. The expedition of identifying our turmoil is the fastest track to uncoiling it. We don’t become strong by stuffing ourselves until engorgement. Humans must feel and think through our magnetizing lures of repulsion.

How easily we’ll pop a pill for allergies, but we won’t cheerfully make a fat divide distant from madness. When we’ve taken a bite from anything bad, self-inflicted, or scathingly obtained, we’re often eager to solicit even more. I mock our aptness for awful things merely since it’s availed my intimate rewiring. This is why wittingly reaching for our chaos can be a creation of somatic empowerment. Regard the difference between an insomniac’s stress meets someone who regularly achieves relaxed dreamy sleep. It’s not only characterizing that we’re miserable so much as believing there’s a substitute. Rational reasoning includes placating all scenes wherein we’re stunted. Courage accounts for calling out every crevice. Our constipation has to end across all sections of complexity. That means sharpening any skills to eliminate around each corner. Check does your deception claim allegiance greedily.

I got power, poison, pain and joy

I got hustle, though, ambition, flow ~
Kendrick Lamar, DNA

Our foundations of fraud are as firm as our most faithful love affairs. For example, the arc of foul play has scammed itself harshly throughout my history. I’ve caught myself cheating at: exams in school, connecting with a man, exercise regimes, and gluts of eating as if nothing can mangle me. Yet, several of these replicate to my present year. What halts me is the exultation of diminishing drama. Of course, a broad application of effort shall be in store. We’re not fed simply because we’re hungry. We’re not made sane instantly after a nasty encounter. Any stuckness urges an answer. I’ve enlisted a quirk with people who’ve triggered angry outrage supplying me a DAMN musing. I scroll to find a photo of them that makes me smile wider than the frown that’s crowned my features. May you nary give your disposition room to stay too fussed up. There’s a comfort in catching that we’re equipped to cradle all of the tools necessary for soothing choices instead.

Our truths hold self-evidence which fork just as a tree branches all over the frigging place. Where integrity has come to commune with us is what keeps us from breaking apart, shaking uncontrollably, burning down, or being chopped to splinters. The growth of your boughs stems from honoring your health and any sickness. It’s bringing the unconscious poor patterns into a conscious light in order to see what from us demands destruction versus what is damaging to us. It’s our willingness to adapt away from sabotage. The command of such commitment to our highest selves is akin to the greenery upon the tree. One cannot receive the flowering of maturation without an installation of healthy order. We may solve our own puzzles enough to note that awareness of any of our weaknesses provides the very foundational structure needed to support their blooming.

May you always bend toward an incline.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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