Capturing My Eternal Essence, Photo by Brigitte Vita

Who we truly are is better than any brand label one might ever wear. Sporting your pride might come up against prejudice, but strutting your authentic stuff is why dreams came to be an intrinsic universal puzzle piece. Liking or disliking all that makes you YOU is the hinge on doors that open or close every stitch of a life. Keep yourself well-oiled and watch what glories may unfold. Your finery is everything anyone else is not. The exact combination that is you creates a cadence that has never been before and will never be again.

The sky is my roof. I belong to the thunder. I wear sunshine so brightly its rays shine no matter my dark street clothing coloring. Often my eyes dance at night, flecks timed perfectly with nighttime polka-dotted starbursts twinkling. I read stories of animals and weather, ancient spirits and all goddesses. I often get drunk on quantum intelligence conversions of the conversational kind. I am cloaked in intense mystery, for my ability to be so many different people to so many different people. I am Pandora, Pan, my own mystic, and just the right amount of humanity molded to walk amongst trees. Rainbows tip their hats for me. My eyelashes flutter with the warmest winds. Without me, this world would be a most boring experiment. I am pure essence incarnate.

Tomorrow marks my accomplishment of forty-nine twists around the sun. I will no longer be complicit with the deformed issues of thoughts anyone may have for me that don’t serve me. I know I can falter. I realize you may define me. But, if we are the chief consultants of our potential, forgoing external opinions as the sole source, we will give ourselves benefit of the doubt to weather the downs with the ups. One cannot be boxed in if choosing not to believe in boxes. I wish to be an accomplice to my higher good, yours, and that of all others. Let go of giving up and let us begin more giving… of our greatness and goodness towards others.

May your special savviness be the prism that guides your way on.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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