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Oh, the flavorful frequencies of life! I took a trip in my conscious recently to meander down diversity lane. I mean, it’s truly astounding the tapestry of differences our lifetimes’ craft. Each proclivity tends to significantly leverage our choices. It’s as if the penchant of our palate pushes our partiality of things we like, where we go, who we prefer, how we operate, and ‘of course’ what we eat. I deem this our ‘Palates Alley’ — a web of influence we weave, natured, nurtured, and cultivated alike.

We come into life with a palate somewhat predestined. However, not everyone in my immediate family adores peppery, sour or savory food as much as I do. Our tongues alone are a peculiar personal item. It’s our tongue’s buds chemicals communication along with the papillae that cause our taste reactions or not. Nor does everyone in my family love sky-diving, bungee-jumping, and other similar adrenaline activities as I do. (Though it can be noted my mother did jump out of an airplane once I was told.) We cannot (yet) customize our tongue, brain, or other parts so readily to incline us towards a different set of tastes or opportunities with which physicality might align. Simply put, all our familial parts aren’t the same, and therefore all our leanings follow suit. We are gloriously as divergent as it all adds up to be us.

Two Christmas holidays thus far, two of my best friends have purchased fresh black pepper grinders for me to carry around in my purse to have at all times. I’m a spicy gal. I adore most things fiery to mild. I remember the first time I visited an actual pepper plantation in India and I was secretly shoving the pure pebbles into my jacket pockets whenever the tour guide turned their head. I can’t get enough of sauces and love mixing all sorts of foods, such as Strawberry Pasta from Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook. The variances seem to have carried colorfully into my fashion styles, music or shows, and love life. For instance, I disparately enjoy dressing in red-carpet-worthy gowns, sleek catsuits, bohemian prints, the occasional polished pencil skirt outfit, endless yoga wear, and all kinds of bikinis. I was raised on a healthy dose of jazz, blues, folk, and rock-n-roll, while I’ve danced my arse off to clashing classical, alternative, EDM, hip-hop, Christian, and country music. The splendid range of men I’ve fallen heads over heels for is a wild distinction itself. I’ve loved a mixed bag of colors, countries of origin, ages, and all their inclinations.

Location. Location. Location! Locale, or sometimes a change of locale, is all that is needed to reboot oneself. My saucy appetite appears in many areas of my attraction in lifestyle. Which online dating sites do I choose to engage with, or what apps I use? Where I rest my head to sleep, upon what kind of pillow, bed, and thread-count do I slumber stands out for me tons. Having generously used a family address to receive my mail the last decade+, you might deduce no surprise that I regularly monitor the home sweepstakes giveaways with HGTV. Being without my own home space, I’m constantly creating variations on the perfect house theme. My affinities fill them with lots of windows and natural light, space for hosting others, scenery, yards, nature, animals, tons of comfy things to sit upon, a sweet screening capability, the yummiest bed and bathroom, and a solid kitchen at least. Through the years there have been changes. This is part of why I pondered the naming of the ‘alley’ aspect. Alleys to me are winding avenues of continual evolution. They take you on a journey and they splinter off in a multitude of directions for maximum potentials. I’ll bet you might compare your preferences to match them within your living.

Society rolls with bias or wishing to nudge possibility too. Online dating is like the catalog industry. We may scroll through options to find our motley match. Travel, furniture, food, and an intense overdose of selection are at our fingertips. A common marketing reveal informed us a while back that internet algorithms allow our aesthetic to be catered to by their discrimination. My zest for beaches, mountains, and near anything international typically leaves middle America and deserts off my travel searches returns. I receive a boatload of conservation and environmental information first up. I’m an eco-warrior as much as possible, so this makes sense. Sometimes, I do wonder what I’m missing on the flip side.

Start to notice your tendencies with curious gusto. Maybe attempt tastes outside of your comfort box, ethically as daring or able. Being a part-time carnivore, I admired listening to this recent podcast from a food writer turned ethical butcher to better understand meat. I’ve found delicacies and connected meaning to my life dining with authentic meals of families from Refugee Care Collective. I’m devoted to examining the intricacies of what makes me who I am. I feel the more time each of us puts into knowing ourselves the better we operate for ourselves and others. Equally, I’m deeply passionate about knowing others. I think what makes us tick, like, dislike, react, freeze, choose downs or ups is all a soul formula we’re cooking up through this waltz we wander along I’m calling Palates Alley.

May we love who we are, what we are, how we are, and mostly why we are rocking this gift of life.



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