Lighten Your Danger Load, Photo by BradensEye featuring @squidtank

Carefree in the time of COVID-19 doesn’t have to be a total illusion. All hell did break a bit loose, like shark attacks without warning. I know people who’re grappling with not being able to celebrate or honor their deceased loved ones who’ve passed away in less than a month since our lockdowns increased. A dear one wasn’t allowed to see her father before the virus took his life due to his contamination. Another girlfriend spoke of her harrowing testing incident watching two persons die in front of her in the waiting room. For anyone not already taking these times to heart fully, there are fathers to bandmates to first responders among our esteemed perished. Nonetheless, I’ve accepted everything we’re cruising as optimal opportunity for fine-tuning the natural selection viability. Merriment can be part of our pandemic potentiality. Why one of the quickest ways to connect with peace is diverting the dis-ease with pleasure indeed.

It takes a lot more than just fancy flying. ~Charlie, Top Gun

Browsing the global isolation scene’s stimulation is by no means intended to shun the seriousness. But, I bet you’ve read articles or seen the tv specials highlighting some of the indoor warriors putting a lot of worriers to shame. Now, I conscientiously realize that calm doesn’t grow on trees. Much less that most of us are stuck far from the access to nature that could even make such picking a reality. However, this is about wringing the fun out of funky and teaching your mental faculties that you’ve got moves yet unseen. You’ve just landed that fat frigging chance you pictured only arriving with the excuse of nursing home age, where you get to dance around with no pants endlessly or binge on fried Twinkies. In the least, you can train your cat to fetch or the dog to sing in unison with your two-year-old. It’s also a telling about tapping into the collective humbling for heightening our reassurance. I’d like us to stop running circles around the insides of our brain.

Focus is the new hocus-pocus. We’ve been gifted a borderless army of serendipitous gems. People to brands to companies rounding the world are catering to your every whim. Get up close and personal with artastic Instagram takeovers courtesy of OBEY Fairey’s circa 1996 Founded Subliminal Projects. You can try your eyes on a bevy of anti-boredom online fair. Even my pride got included when friends shared The Global Hack, bringing together some of the toughest leadership mentors to CEO’s and everyday ordinaries with the in-betweeners to help solve some big things. Bucking up against the f*cked up thoughts racing the grief or scary news is all built on shaving slices of stamina (a little more often than yours truly has been taking a razor to her armpits, not to mention her other forested regions). Here’s where continuity becomes your integral friend. High voltage times require insulating our anxieties with deeds of passionate placement.

You’ll never know what you can do
Until you get it up as high as you can go ~
Kenny Loggins, Danger Zone

Consider this real live Space Invaders conditioning. It’s not solely that our patience is being proven. It’s that our theories of a day and the location to spatially experience that phase are totes presently teased. Anywise, this is measure for summiting an array of novelty. Your kids have been raving about those tent cities they shape. It’s showtime for your appearance in their favorite cave! Similarly, a toss-up on who completes usual chores or cleaning every inch of your over-stuffed drawers. Maybe you’ve written your two-hundred forty-ninth blog story, although managed to skirt penning any solid draft for that published book dream. Well, Tonic Books to the rescue with a partnership writing course challenge. Just as we came into this life and aren’t sure when we’re leaving, it’s the intermediary attitude that set the series for winning. Whatever your previous outlook, you can elect to use this forecast to spruce up a rosy revolutionary hook.

The microcosm of our personal space has within it vast geography. One’s might reflect a small plateau of romance flickering, while eternally it’s been hoping for the Grand Canyon expanse deliverance. Perhaps you uncover those distinctively country relatives were always interested in your postage-stamp-sized city digs. Trade some vice-versa photography-n-chat hours swapping the triumph to humor flops. Equally plotting some future house-swapping. Let elders indulge you with their countless best-of books craze or blow their minds by flattening their curve educating them with a prior technological maze. Be wowed with familial history-feasting email waves. Chuckling without choking when a handsome Lebanese via Canada gent is mistakenly looped in. Seize your cleverness to the max comparable to some pilots who’ve employed skywriting for posting important messaging prods. Keep pulling some air and hilarity from all this despair. Through everything encourage uplifting as if all were our last days. Then imagine if we married this mantra with infinite capacity.

May you twerk enough of your seclusion that it rivals Miley Cyrus fame.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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