Panic Rebellion

Stuck on You, Photo by BradensEye on ‘location’ near Liwa Oasis

Flouting our fears can be the best friend of freak-out disease. Time is stuffed with generous potential to yield unorthodox gifts. Exchanging confidence where caution creeps quickly in makes a better measure of perceived troubles. When we’re riveted by the moment, instead of sharpening the sword of an ordained curse our aftereffects are often astonishing. While the worst-case scenario does have its due, a lot of what we’re up against is fabricated outcomes rumbling in our heads. Before we’re even presented a totally legitimate reason for concern, we all too easily plot impending doom. Actually, what might turn out are accidental incentives to what was occurring in the first place. From out of mischance, I’ve landed irreplaceable memories I could never have planned as such. Setting one’s ambitions for reorienting your focus toward rattling the cages of frights is the drill of this playful might. Our bounteous refuge relies upon the power of panic rebellion.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. ~Jack Canfield

Providing insurgency for panic attacks is proper mutiny assuredly. Imminent jeopardy has a nature of tugging the charm from adventures. As I’m one to experiment with a lot of life, this is a bugger nefariously getting in the way of grand achievement along the highways of my livelihood. I’ve hit many an impasse brooding whether to send a message to someone I groove on. Then, there are those decadent corners I round in some cosmopolitan land only to lose all gumption. On the flip side, whenever I’ve channeled my consternation into rehabilitation my psyche leads the revolution to see me through. The alarm bells whistle loudly on my insides. I tend to graze a bit of berserk on the road to relaxing any phobias. I reckon I’m not alone in the expertise of working up a sweat enduring the dark side of dismay. Except that I believe that opposites attract equal to similarities. In these affairs, this confides the appeal of being able to secure anything you please. So long as you establish the force staying with you.

Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street. ~Zig Ziglar

Dubai decided to rain on us for our proclaimed beach day. Accordingly, what began as an impulse to employ some ocean vibes Abu Dhabi style integrated the advantageous terrain clear to the Oman border. A one-day brand-new rental car in a vast international kingdom is akin to starship adrenaline scooting across Tatooine’s surface. Speaking of Star Wars, this became our mission: to get as close to the famed red desert region of Jakku as possible. Chasers of the light, noting their sunsets were abruptly shaking the sun away before half five, we made like bandits to outer Arabian sands. In spite of our foreign feasting, we were facing literal obstruction of the very justice that moved us to this space. No access to touch this magical earth and stomp its ground was submitting. In a last stroke of spontaneity, my girlfriend sped down a random route that resembled a long driveway. Under the influence of pure emotion, she spun our little Toyota wheels upon the dunes shores and stranded us jammed in red dust faster than I could think.

Men are not afraid of things, but of how they view them. ~Epictetus

My panic almost instantly picked the pace of our 180 kilometers (111 miles) per hour highway speed. It was no longer simply the daylight racing time, but me in step with it. All because I had a date with the remote airport this same night, while my partner in crime did not. It’s a surreal stance to be deserted in an exotic desert with seemingly no soul in sight, failing brightness, limited phone support, and a lack of Arabic fluency. In my initial alpha funk, I made a beeline for the nearest sounds I could see past a semi-distant ravine wafting from a huge compound. I thought I could hear children playing on the reverse of this gigantic two-stories tall metal-gated door. Yet, my American cries didn’t halt their activities, as my lips quivered inches from their noise. It wasn’t until my mate terminated her personal photoshoot amidst our crisis to come join pounding on the mammoth entrance while I wailed on that a few youngsters creaked it open with intense curiosity. Every ounce of my anxiety pleaded with their smiling eyes.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. ~Susan Jeffers

They didn’t have to expose their family. And they most certainly never had to bring the kind wife with excellent English, her husband, her brother, and five children to work to save our plight. Nearly everyone got down on their hands and knees in full Kanduras to help us dig out the front tires buried deeply. The youngest boy soon retreated and repaid our profuse gratitude with an offering of cold bottled water. The excavation ended in failure to budge the car with movement, but not for their determination to fix our predicament. we tried pushing the vehicle, as well as reverse maneuvers. Still nothing. Darkness had selected a higher velocity whilst an elder was sent to retrieve another vehicle. Finally, completely restoring the sanctity of my sanity, he returned with a lengthy jumbo rope the thickness of my arm in his hand. Artfully and swiftly fastening this feature to a monster four-wheel drive we exited to safely be waving our goodbyes. I hadn’t needed the fury, the flight or fight foreboding. I’d only needed the faith held captive inside me all along. I left with any chirpse of fear doused in the clarity of docility.

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. ~Yoda

May you always know you can overthrow your harrowing to be the uprising you deserve.



LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy, pondering, and photography.

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LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy, pondering, and photography.