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Existence is irrelevant without partnership. In fact, it’s impossible (leaving out you immaculate mongers for the sake of my leanings towards intercourse getting us into this realm). Flying solo for a considerably lengthy time of late, I’ve formulated sincere beliefs about the value of partnership. Regardless of preference to being single, working independently, being completely connected in all manners of living, or intervals of any of it, I unflinchingly suspect you cannot go it alone.

You may balk assuming I don’t think you are secretly Superman or Wonder Woman generally lacking need of any support. You may be a version of my younger self-determined to make your way without others assistance, invariably stressing your soul to maximum capacity by ironically assisting so many others you leave yourself out. You may simply be enjoying a quiet refuge in the remote beauty of Alaska or Thailand or even New York, and thinking no one else affects your world without your choosing. Yet, I wish to taunt you with the masterful truth that partnership makes your every turn possible.

In reality, this is a supply chain theory practically implied on a sociological level. Without others, nothing is. Your northern outpost cabin of solitude may have been built by your bare hands, but I doubt you can point at every single item from clothing to food or else and prove to me that somewhere along its line of landing in your field another didn’t have a hand in helping think it life, create it, or help craft it concretely. Partnership underlines everything. Even if you choose to ignore it after that fact. Reverse your average flippant thinking and give many damns about sync you have with others support.

So, if we truly are in this together, I’ve accumulated a heck of a lot of thought into how we may create out of this world lasting partnerships for our personally intimate or familial and professional lives. Consider this my best organic, cage-free, grade A, natural, environmentally friendly, and (insert your favorite color here — brown, white, purple, chartreuse) delightful dozen starter kit. Introducing my prized peak partnership perks:


1. WE’RE ALL ‘PERFECT’ AS WE ARE — Opportunity to value yourself just as you are without aiming to conform (to: comparison, others, others ideas of what’s best, society, media, etc). Being is part of doing. This personifies how to recognize your strengths and where you may need support as a launchpad for remaining grounded in your best daily self.

2. RESPONSIBILITY — Awareness of self-operating. This stretches from inner management to control over yourself outwardly around others (even the bears in the woods for you seclusion suckers). The why of partnership working well with others.

3. ACCOUNTABILITY — Owning your actions, words, and pointedly their effect on others. We may manifest the best partnership through basic ownership of all our living results.

4. COMMUNICATION — Differentiating between opening your mouth versus clear, direct, honest, graceful (or in the least tactful) communication. Learning where and when your vocal chords count.

5. VULNERABILITY — Your truth will always support a better outcome. Practicing being true to yourself, in spite of others reactions/opinions, or your anticipation of such judgment. Understanding the space for disagreement and incompatibility. Welcoming pillars of power for your best life. (Example: Forms of therapy, self-help, healthy friends and activities.)

6. INTIMACY — All the levels of intimacy and defining what you want. Building trust. Owning the implications of trusting and being trustworthy. Sex versus love. Sensuality versus sexuality. Friends or family versus lovers. The whole shebang of affection and communion.

7. NEEDS — The outline of your personal self and searching to expressing these needs properly in order to have those needs met. A blueprint for a successful state of esprit.

8. APPRECIATION — Giving of this authentically ongoing, to all, and without expectation of return. The more we appreciate all, and all things, in our living, the more living we may feel, produce, and accomplish.

9. RECEIVING — The ‘art of receiving’ is one of the finest forms of humankind. An appeal to partner the bookends of life where giving well is good and receiving well is right on!

10. GENEROSITY — Get your gratitude in gear. When you choose to be better for others, to give to/support them, be grateful around them, for them, and all your living things, the result is a more attractive you and the law of attraction applies drawing more good to you.

11. POSITIVITY — The privilege of being alive. Focus on things that go well and acknowledge them daily. Think through or write down at least one thing you did well every day. Even on the toughest days, as it can be the simplest thing: I got out of bed to pee to relieve myself and that felt good. I bathed to clean myself. I noticed a flower. I noticed someone on tv smile…. The idea is your list will likely grow over time to bigger and better things. Sometimes you’ll need to go back to the list making if tough times arise again, but it’s a beacon of action that jumpstarts how many things you do well. Just being alive is a huge accomplishment you deserve to give yourself credit for living. Then the juicier parts rise in joy!

12. GOALS — Where you go from your here and now. Shared and individual visions for your future. Thriving through mastering your mobility muscle: The more you ‘workout’ your life strength of loss and success the stronger you may become. Therefore, the more you put effort into the practice of all principles, the more fulfilling your life partnerships. Mobility brings comfort, ease, trust, and ideally balance as we better our self-practices.

All who wander are not in partnership, and all who are in a partnership do not wander. As a single seeking superb union with a man, with a stellar income earning source, with my extended family, and with the sense I’m partially here to make a mark on society to better the world, a partnership is vital for me. Legends don’t spark as spontaneity alone. Even Evel Knievel should have given thanks to the makers of his motorcycle, the designers of those famed leather jumpsuits, and the weather on his more fated days.

I try to habituate these principles in my everyday living. Sometimes watching others score while you’re sitting the sidelines is a giant bummer, bewildering if you’re honestly doing your best, or downright short-circuiting if you’re still experiencing a ‘without’ mentality in whatever way for an extended period. Believe me, I get it. Instead, take pride in knowing that along your lifeline you’ve likely been the one others are comparing themselves to at some point, wishing they had your glory. Remember that we can feed off the energy of another — choosing the ups or the down. You’re better off with the up’s my friends.

Mostly I’ve formulated an elite belief that partnership is where we will stop wars, innovate away global warming, stop cancer, find time for a massage, cuddle more, erase woes through sharing, end trauma, bump our happiness barometer and basically just be better.

Partnership principles will make you a champion life performer. Partner on!

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