Penetrating Aplomb

4 min readJul 15, 2022
Cucumbering, Photo by BradensEye of her favorite nephew of all the global nephews

Eveready for a ripening. Anytime, but especially summering, is a sweet spot for selecting cool options. One of the tippy top mantras of energetic management for me remains how fast I can snuggle conviction to myself above all else. Cuddling commitment is a chore and a blissing. Flinging off poopster people to problems brings amazing relief. Of course, it comes with effort. In my case, my eagerness ratio for channel soul-searching raises the equilibrium of my tranquility. On the whole, I reckon that it takes twice our collective weight in light years of loving self-improvement to hope to achieve peace for everyone. Therein, I figure we all need to begin, Period. NOW. Such serenity hasn’t ever occurred as does glue. It doesn’t stick and stay in place so easily. It’s part of camp mercurial. Often it falls as a snow shower and permeates as deeply as the sun’s rays. Penetrating aplomb is your spirit tonic.

Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. ~Freddie Mercury by Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

Moving the phlegm of our doubts out of the choke-holds we allow them to take is the pungency of life’s core. Taking stock of one’s livelihood and coming from super stock sometimes wield hand-in-hand combat as much as they both do harmony. Good genes go a long way. I’ll bet there’s at least one human, or one trait about one of them, in your family unit or ancestral lineage to whom you can extol extended shouts of praise. You’ve met that cat who’s always got the grins aglowing, the juicy stories flowing, and who won’t hesitate to shake the matrix enough so that your squeeze of identity settles in with increased gentleness. I’m not exactly sure which inning(s) it is of my history thus far that I would attribute an award to for my most supreme confidence. Although, I can assure you that I’m grateful it’s been greater than one that it’s shown its smiley face. All in, ’tis a happiness sway by the influence of elders to youngers.

Aging smaging! Ha, if only every minute of the weeks. There’s this ‘up’ thing so many talk about. As if one more day, another natal anniversary, or adding a full decade is going to surround you with whatever wisdom is supposed to speak to you. Actually, gainful growing seems to be a series of healthy knowings. The realization that the tides washing in and out provide furtherance all the same. Whether I’m caught in a numbers loop of how…


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