Allure in the Eyes of the Beholder, Photo by BradensEye

Perceptions are the perimeters for everything we do. Why do we like someone or vehemently dislike another? What makes me crave grapefruit that many others cringe? How do I easily trip around the globe without suffering exhaustion or stress of which most complain? Peak perception procures mantis shrimp vision. With the world as our oyster, there’s this mammoth map of options beckoning our attention.

I adore boyish eloquence. I support faithful struggles. I swoon over intense aspirations. Glittering articulation gets me hot and bothered. With pregnant pauses, I’m calm, confident, and sometimes provoke them. Wilderness whispers sweet nothings to me from snakes to pluff mud. Sleep is a cunning achievement of my lifetime. I find innocence is a lost art form for all ages. I’m expertly skilled at live Tetris of refrigerator items, storage items, and most things organizational. I’ve coveted countless couture designs, yet choose frugal basics in my own fashion. I want people to eternally care in the now because immense restoration lacks sustainability. Invasive occupations of lands and life are unsound knowledge. Domination never turned me on. Holding hands is a superb architecture. Sharing sorrows can be sexy.

Deciphering your particular hunky doryness emotes a menagerie that would make Walt Disney or Tim Burton blush. I’m reacting to the complexity of our distinctions. While sensationally interesting, our uniqueness isn’t honored by all. Individual acuity drives divergence. The fragmented division has polar opposites of positive or negative repercussions. Our forks are mere detours from another’s favoritism. The discrepancy of lines often manifests animosity. Seldom are we embracing the knottiness. This perception complex sets in motion a planet of too many armed with armor fighting for their variety of art, beauty, education, innovation, health, fashion, organics, politics, religion, and let’s leave off the climate conversation!

Tea Philosophy, Photo by BradensEye

Judgment is a messy business. Flippantly operating by finger pointing and calling outwardly has never lead to any peace or resolution I’ve seen. Truth is mercurial. Sourcing reality appears more distant despite the number of so-called reality shows. That we even have ‘fake news’ (mis)used way beyond the scope of comedic parody appears living proof that modern distortion of discovering real truth is rare. Assuming a weed is less than any flower imitates ignoring the honor of Obama’s birth while casually gulping Trump commentary. Feverish breaths exude professional stances clashing left, right, center, and some other directions that have escaped labeling thus far.

What’s a body to do with gaping holes in alignment? We know legions of humans simply aren’t going to all agree. Modern day witch hunts are called out on a regular basis as if history never had enough. How do we deliver neutrality beyond externally each buying our own private islands and never seeking distant shores to save the warfare? Within this savage structure of diabolical differences, we as beholders can always choose beauty.

I’ve found I love seizing the attraction around me. Instead of toying with the drama of gloom from another’s point of view, I create wakes full of esteem. I like the espresso cutie charging me with his best smile because I called him by the name on his tag and appreciated the foam dollop of coconut milk whip he offered atop. I live for the lurid poeticness of texting with an old flame who keeps my writing at sparing best. I witness a home packed to the gills making me uncomfortable and meditate afterward on the pride the person has in being able to afford so many things. One person’s mess may be another’s pleasure or organized brilliance. Simmering just beneath the ashes you could uncover a shiny ring. I spend savings on global travel experiences. Another drives a six-figures car or plunks down the payment for a sprawling estate. What vultures we are of our exclusive appetites.

Don’t act like furniture. If you just sit around and wait for others to place perceptions before you it’s likely formulating unfounded toxicity. Watching what’s around you with awakened belief can be fantastic evidence for unborn supportive psychology if you’ve yet to tamper with such moonshine. While I don’t expect anyone to be stifled by my version of sunshine if they’re tied to their smoldering insolence, I’m merely asking for the gallant fate of kindness. Let’s all pardon our punishments of feverishly slugging germs of unhappiness.

Find a field of weeds and run briskly round the silk threads, commingling with the absurd patience nature has being called pretty or petty. Inquire over each button the elder lady at the farmer’s market is wearing, and bask in the stories of her yesteryear before you existed. Consider not classifying anyone or anything for or against you based on their looks, how they dress, what they say or refrain from saying. Allow everything to be a thought of genuine goodness. Act friendlier and I’ll bet you’ll be stronger, wiser, and more loving will come your way.

Complex as defined uses wording like “interconnected” and “interrelated”. Perceptions are doorways to qualities that invite our personality strengths and weaknesses. My hope is for us to take the negative leanings out of any perceptions we may run across. Bring forth the grace in the connection and relating to actually aim to do so in all situations. I’m suggesting we completely flip the switch on hostility whether a plant, a person or anything else. Go slowly when needed, especially when bewildered at the possibility. Even monstrous heartache and torture has a soul at its base. Find the center and move treacherous perception complexes dividing us into patterns of pride.

Maybe you were caught thinking more deeply reading this. Maybe you’ll make a happy wish upon a dandelion, forgetting it’s pesky side. Maybe we can agree it feels exceptional to be accepted.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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