Pivot Power

4 min readOct 11, 2019


Not Blowing It Badly, but Boldly, Photo by BradensEye in the sky

To improve upon the shadows of doubt or darkness is wherein the immensity of life lies. The genius of a clever puissance is less about smarts and all about the influence of your personal craftiness. At the most mindful level is what I’ll call a reformation proclamation. As we aim to ameliorate any encumbrance, we manifest room for more simplicity in the future occurrences of heaviness. It is this exact pivot power which enables our entitlement for thriving. What may have before seemed unbearable, unthinkable, unattainable, or problematically too stubborn, thorny, and knotty to the point of not giving us what we wish suddenly intersperses color amongst the dark and the light. Given a palette to shed pleasure of your providential coloring, we may blow sunshine sky’s blue hue to compliment all our spaces.

All we really ever have is our mood, our bhava. ~Shyamdas

Life is the given and mood modes are the individual spices we add. Therein are borders along the dreary or the shining. That seam is an airy zone that allows the stretch for us to see the arrangement of where we may take up residence. If we look well enough there is the glow delivering us the path of luminosity. Although, shadows are a playful bunch. Their morphiness is alluring. It’s all too easy to get caught in the auras of grays and blues. Then we suddenly find we’re been so tossed into the mix of these tints that we’ve ended up color blinded. Stained by the trenches of abyssal obscurity of iniquity, we fail to view any remaining torch to carry us back to the cheery living. Learning to vibe our way on presents the very structure for adding the textured touches that set our soul’s psyche burnishing bhava brightly.

The only place where your dreams become impossible is in your own thinking. ~Robert H. Schuller

Where we start and where we end matters endlessly ambitiously. If I gave you the opportunity to filter one of my recent weeks through your own existence, I’m not sure you would choose it, nor bow to its blessing with ease. Deciding very last moment to embark cross-country via a red-eye flight to a networking conference for good, I’d failed to find gratis housing for my first couple of eves. Not resting well on planes, I’d mapped a notion en route to catch about four hours of sleep at the arrival airport or train station. Neither were conducive due to audio loudness, or police declining floor sleeping. Instead, my new plan was the late hotel booking with trusted discount apps, only the wifi wasn’t working. Five hours became was wasted and no reboot time. I did squeeze in a two-hours cat-nap before the program began. Yet, all was worthy achieving supreme connectedness in the eve. While all of my own choosing, this is why I retain belief in the dawn of tomorrows that will blow the socks off my yesterdays!

The difference between “try” and “triumph” is just a little “umph!” ~Marvin Phillips

I think we may distinguish our tendency to wind up without, feeling lost, left out, picking sides, or otherwise impacted negatively when we forget we truly don’t have to take on anyone else’s opinions as our own. Of all my friends and those I’ve ever met, I’d say that less than half of them see the beauty in every step. This isn’t stated to imply any lack on the part of anyone I know. Especially, I don’t quickly seek to cast aside beloved humans simply due to their inability to spin rainbows versus rainstorms into the general flavor of their appearance overtone. Rather, I like to lead with showing off the swing of any day’s fulcrum steps by flaunting my special abilities to switch to seeing the positive. I’m particularly referring to the sweetness of swiveling energy in your favor whenever you darn well please it.

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith. ~Margaret Shephard

I’m not saying every gutter or grimace should be altered into soft glitter bunnies producing oxytocin highs. What I do infer is the portal of persuasion any being may surmise to make it through the splotches that prance around our livelihood pretending to guide us, when oftentimes they’re beggars, hookers, cheats, or liars stealing our shimmery sequins in an effort to harness any sunshine for their caves. Your authority to shake a studly Elvis Presley style gyration could swish away the dumps for not only you but anyone watching. Occasionally, it’s your confidence in the fidelity of holy rolling to your own tune that creates the bounce that made the bridge to end the separation of you and anything you ever dreamed could be yours. Will you be the fish in a bowl or the dare in the galaxy? All we’ve ever needed is the reminder that our innate capacity is soundly in our view.

When they go low, we go high. ~Michelle Obama

Placing power in your lifetime punch is the diversity that lands us quality.




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