Planning’s Panorama

4 min readFeb 3, 2020


Ever So Sunfully, Partial Selfie

Popping your intimate planning cherry is the healthier way to be. We’re often too wound in the hordes of attention-grabbing things. Like me, you may experience heaps of overwhelm from feeling overly committed in spades times a zillion to the power of three! I speak a lot about the inking of having nothing but days for me to scheme. The classic “if money were no object” is a record on repeat in my mental machinery. I’d likely be piling on passport stamps and floating my contribution for a variety of philanthropic international clans. However, my personal terms and conditions haven’t (yet) set up with such ease. Processing our planning patterns should go on beyond the daily routine. Therein, I’ve figured out this formula that works a wondrous reduction of stress for me. It’s knowing that within planning’s panorama to be supplementally sympathetic to all nooks of our needs.

You cannot talk to a hungry stomach. ~Vincent Ontita

It’s a whirly world. So, squirreling our time full of toxic turbulence is no nice way to be. How to be unprickly when it seems life is screeching at you every seam is precisely the patent of planning I hope to convey for you that’s enabled a better me. Betrothed to the dialogue of a new charitable possibility, I sat rapt in listening to this young man uncoiling his shyness riffing at my side. There’s something potently spirited about wisdom coming from those with extra seasons left to go compared to me. Meanings filtered through other languages back into English have always enthralled my linguaphilia. As his impassioned plea instructed us about remaining dire affairs for the state of African society’s conservationism, I was most impressed as he explained the distress with the touching hunger quote analogy. If we’re starving we gotta eat. Else, a grouch is our new personality.

We simply don’t grow pretty things by dumping noxious nuisances onto them. Our stomach grumbling is a sign of caution to give more care for our inner peace. My friend was right to describe why hearing correctly would be an incredible difficulty in the case of someone famished, malnourished, or the same as any insecurity. If we’re confronting the weight of life’s stare we’re less inclined to be skimming the pedestals of prosperous air. If I’m we’re tired, broke, or emotionally anxious, there’s little room but inebriated misery. This background lends the space for plotting support for one’s particular performance severities. Herein, it’s about stripping certain respects of our grind to replace with factors far more substantially aligned with kindness. Taking breaks and using patience are merely a couple of larks that suit me. This looks ideal as self-generosity thoroughly.

And I’ll use you as a focal point
So I don’t lose sight of what I want ~
Amber Run, I Found

This dawning of my mid-life momentarily being wasn’t really hitting me until last autumn. I think I’d spoken for decades about the geometry of where on the globe I could and might design to be. Prepping for the specific trip this is turning out for me took fearless amounts of barring the commentary from plentiful peanut galleries gnawing from daylight even into my dreams. I own to my core that I was born to explore. That I’ve spent the latest targeted years regarding that passion with the accuracy of how I occupy a majority of my time is indeed an action I harbor with gentleness. Still, currently, there’s no reason I’m obligated to defend myself. Although, more than a few surmise it’s fair for their dutiful invasion attempts of my happy hue. Organizing intentional waves of softness toward ourselves isn’t the nurture with which we’re accustomed in human raising. Salutations to continue loving you will do.

I saw myself swimming in bright blue seas. I felt myself learning beneath coconut trees. Maybe I would ensure dancing with bees or soon be making out next to a warm moonlit breeze. Whatever came before, I knew this was meant to be. Blotches aren’t the notches we ought to agglomerate. The highest travesty I can agree is a living exposed in mockery. I’ll continually appreciate those who fit and indebtedly sit in buildings earning their keep. Once upon a time that was me thinking eternally. Then I grew and I lost. I’ve cherished a lot and mostly chucked the torture of loss. I’ve seen where others covet insistently. While at times I can understand their obtrusive pleading, they’re missing out categorically. The shape of scheduling without so much strife is primary for a joyous life. It’s falling in love with what you make for thee. By besting your choices and ignoring the rest.

Bee Calm, Partial Selfie

Exchange your poor plains to entice your preferred program of paradise.




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