Plumes of Pampering

Toes-Up Mentality, Semi-Selfie

Coddling our core needs is crucial life juice. Spoiling ourselves gallops the gamut of reactionary conceptions. Others have quite a load they’ll tease to ridicule someone about who’s receiving anything they’re wanton to license for themselves or applying liberally as superfluous. Targeting your TLC creates ample leeway toward extinguishing those perennial to-do lists already predisposed to multiplying as it is. Moreover, I promise you that by providing for yourself in such sorts of spoonfed softness extravagance begets awesomely productive humanity. The greater accommodation that we introduce instead of excuses lands us at the intersection of relief. Honing one’s plumes of pampering set you up for your most pleasurable tones. Where once I saw hundreds of hampers inhibiting my happiness, I came to perceive chances to embolden me.

Nothing in the world is single;
All things by a law divine ~
Percy Bysshe Shelley, Love’s Philosophy

What might yourself desire daily that you have never noticed before? Can you crank the volume to listen in for the melodies you may have skipped? Craning our brains to hoist giddy morsels of mana percolate the holy scraps of sacredness. Ethereal energy awaits in thingamajigs all around us. If my diary could speak, one of her tenets would be the theory of exaggerated touch. I’ve long held the fantasy to have someone stroke my skin with massage each twenty-four hours as if my birthday deserved it. Add the beautification process of a stylist loving on my locks and those priceless wonders of mani-pedi’s grooming my limbs to intricately reverse-match my ladybug symbolism. But even without a pocketbook to currently keep that pace, it’s dawned on me how apropos massaging should handsomely reverberate in my routine. From massaging my eyes with the sunrise to sunset or ears with music hopefully you get the drift.

Seeing our lives as an ongoing opportunity that’s ready to show up for you is the pillar from which to slurp your miraculous mimosas of morale change. Give yourself TIME: Thankfulness, Insight, Meditation, Exercise. It’s the simplistic art of trading a rainy day for replenishing the use of sloshing in your wellies, possibly for a free natural shower, or maybe buried beneath multi-warm layers indoors plowing through a manifold of movies, silly chefing weird cabinet-leftovers peanut-butter-prune cookies. Perhaps later you ‘exercise’ a wander in the garden until the lady beetles return from the downpour for a sun bake. Freshly painted toes or a patch of nature fill my soul for a few weeks. Milking the loot from a less than leisurely circumstance only asks for you an inkling of positivity. So, grab any smidgens of sweetness you can latch onto. Then, begin to ramp that fondling.

When the blues overtake me, gonna rock right away from here ~Charles E. Calhoun / Lou Willie Turner, Flip, Flop and Fly

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with flicking this cerebral switch to inspect the fringes and shores of all gradients my space represents. To geo-locate the goodies in everything takes a certain style of unzapping the static while magnifying the electricity. Within whatever one pictures as inferior, I’m channeling my best inner Sherlock for sleuthing the attractive surprise. My lifestyle of the last fifteen years remains a heated debate amongst my family and friends. I’m often offered as the example for saluting avant-garde ‘self-serving’ choices in the generous sense of putting my interests first. Then, many of the same people are prone to refuting the percentages of my personal gain. Existing as a living specimen of trial meets profusely historical error (and, still, lest I ever be bashful of mistake’s congestion one may forever be learning) holds the enchantment of rare finds.

Treats weren’t meant to be merely something to eat. Traversing the indulgence bandwidth is an unceasing arena of options. Luxuriating looks different for you to me to him or them. Everyone is infused with their own individual reputations that cause you to radiate. My affection for the ‘contact-sport’ of being well-emotively handled potentially prompts another to punch that dude right in the face. Although, our probability to sway a similar way should shine if we’re talking about how much we both get jazzed having our intellect caressed. The boiling point is a mass reengineering of what we devotedly decide to make relatable out of any given state we’re in. Therefore, kicking your kindness quotient into high gear is the superior steering. Seek and ye shall be found. Resiliency is a gangster move without all of the fatality. Bounce, baby, bounce! Inundate your will to rise with gratification action.

I entice y’all to pump up the “P” in your personality.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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