I’ll Stop the World and Melt With Me, Selfie

I’m a professional life enthusiast. I get off on crafting happiness. I want to give you giant warm fuzzies all the time, no matter how crap of a day you’re having. I live to challenge your version and even my own when life is dolling out lemons. I try to harness the powers of karma to keep myself from flipping the middle finger to anyone cutting me off while driving. I think long, slow, deep, soft, hugs can solve nearly any problem from political war to a romantic breakup. I believe in miracles. Magic is my narcotic of choice.

I spark controversy because of my positivity artistry. My terms of endearment aren’t consistently perceived as well as I intend them. I once fell head over heels for a young man who was so seriously pissed off when I called him “sweetie” that he would go out of his way to steer clear of me when we were working together a few months. Many dislike my sunny personality or overuse of the phrase “It’s all good.” I disarm others by the smiles I wear whenever I see them, as they can’t understand how a currently chiefly unemployed, technically homeless, person can stay so happy.

I’m ethically committed to live through truly being remembered for how I live. The live part of the word ‘alive’ strikes me to my core each time I hear it. I feel it in the guts of my deepest soul carnations. It sparks energy like a jolt of beautiful lightning when I think of all that living affords me. It’s a feeling akin to that insanely addictive adrenaline rush one gets when doing an activity you never want to end — careening down the Slip-n-Slide, watching fireworks, peering through a telescope or microscope, dancing to a beloved band, and making out with someone who allows you to feel time has stopped for both of you enraptured in the birth of loving.

Mostly I live to fully live. I admire the work hard + play hard mentality. I subscribe on the side of working to live way beyond any insane motto of living to work. I’ve got some agitation about the connotation of what work is really meant to be. I want to bring back, or create, a standard nuance that work is instead associated with cheer. I want us to rejoice in the place most of us spend most of our earthly hours. When I see people jump for joy over a job opportunity, I want that emotion to last their lifetime.

I lean on the sides of open-book honesty to quelch any barrage of negativity. Don’t assume you know me too well, nor dismiss me for all my intended uplifting capabilities. I’m fearful. I didn’t achieve a lot of my ‘perfect future’ visions, nor have I accomplished most of my long-winded to-do list notes going back more than a decade. I’m quick to share with anyone that there are numerous days I battle demons in my mind, weight, worth, abilities, and with a particular capacity for needing to reset my own depreciation almost daily. I’m continually comparing myself to others whose lives seem more full, who are married, have kids and homes, success, better connections, greater intelligence, funnier jokes, more beautiful bodies, or mega-wealth.

(“the pre-meditation of evils”) is a Stoic exercise of imagining things that could go wrong or be taken away from us.

I had to deviate my brain the first time I heard . I’m terrified to keep my faith in the original life I want, but more frightened to give up entirely. In a backhanded way, plotting out what could go wrong for me seemed pragmatic after I let the sun set on my typical tropical positivity reaction poo-pooing him. What-if syndrome wildly taunts and screams at me if I get closer to most any achievement, even while the sunshine band of angelic or mental cheerleaders chant in my favor. As I grow I rewrite my playbook, affirmations, and vision board to keep daring the world to give me exactly what I want. I will do so much more with every reward of being valued, paid well, speaking up, writing more, sharing in all ways, connecting endlessly, channeling intelligence, and asking endless questions like a five-year-old or the forty-eight years young self I am. Tried and true givers tend to recognize the value of receiving too. I trend towards giving 150% and have learned to receive gracefully as related to my 1970’s, 80’s or 90’s self.

I didn’t always speak up. Yet, when I watched my positive commentary cause others to follow suit, helping their lives build up, I achieved the belief boost in using my own voice for more good. inspires me to share with you the justice of speaking up. When we lift our voices we raise the community to be accountable. Not only for our best interest but for everyone else. Maybe you start small by only telling something to your best friend, parent, counselor, teacher, or priest. By speaking to at least one soul willing to listen without judgment can create a habit of using your point of view to support yourself, or help others. Then practice telling another person and another, until the practice of your discomfort doesn’t so much become comfortable as it becomes positive possible change for the better.

I presently have zero interest in being anyone else but me. I have to try hard enough at keeping this artisan going well. I’m attached to multiple stories of myself. I want to honor my silence while embracing acts of breaking my silence. I’m malleable. A tipping point of feelings, whether confident or insecure, pivots nearly every instance of our life. We share the very same homeland. Planet Earth is our home. highlights the sensical sophistication of blending and bending our own selves within the cultures of others and through acceptance. In my state, my country, my community, my friends, my family, my tribe, my non-profit Boards, I seek to work with the polarity. Like many famed artists honed their infamous artworks over many ages of time, it’s best to keep learning to keep bettering ourselves. Striving for exquisiteness in sculpture, motherhood, relationships, business, politics, and a myriad of living art forms offer us a space to use our forces for good. Expressing your benevolence keep people like me in business.

I keep believing my vision for my best life is possible. My aunt Katie loves to remind me of the time I sat on her couch exhausted and defeated in the workplace needing a change. I told her I wanted a job that allowed me to use my creative brain, do some good, make my most of my own hours, let my work ethic shine through with support, where I didn’t have to work in an office, and I wanted to travel the world a lot more. Less than a year from that spoken manifestation, I found myself with a special management job for a VIP I adored experiencing all of that, especially focused on philanthropy and photography, along with creative marketing and public relations.

I aim to have the life that keeps me laughing, hugging, loving and passing the positivity torch to as many humans as I’m able. If you’re having a meltdown due to the lack of communication, poor communication, a disruption or failure of humanity, or even because of the heat index, I might suggest treating yourself to a delightfully cold ice-cream cone… even when the eating must be speedy for concern of wearing it for the fast melting. I want to set the living record book topsy-turvy where we have mass perfume consumed by the majority in lieu of paranoia. The positivity artist in me makes time to learn and listen from you, share my resources, and offer any wisdom or a different point of view as balance. I want you to find the love of your life and the most career success imaginable. I hope for you to gain enormous abundance. I pray that you share your gifts great and small.

I’m conspiring for your success, so please join me.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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