Full Steam, Photo by BradensEye featuring Team Oracle USA for America’s Cup, 2017

Research is the movement of moguls. The nearer we are to exactly who we are divines us improvement to accomplish exceptionally. A famous trait of so many greats is their proficiency for pursuing learning as if there was never a mastery to that ol’ thang. Honoring the culture of what channels your dreamscape design needs is the fastest means of succeeding with any reverie. Our scope of motion showcases our drive. As with any sharp racer, it’s the arithmetics and deliberation backing your ride. When we closely examine why our thirsts are what they seem it facilitates closures from reaching to achievement. Using the electricity from a pow-wow purview is champion hutzpah for helping your higher skew. Putting in pipelines to harness your ambitions is the sturdiest of strategies I can claim for realizing longings. Jointly hashing out your love to leanings will serve to bring you legendary dealings.

There is no “I” in team but there is in win. ~Michael Jordan

It’s not all about winning. Rather, your life impact is hinged on your attempts to make a good scene. This new decade set sail for me in full swing when I was called out of the blue by a fabulous man wanting to dish ingenuity with yours truly. Brian Medavoy’s brilliance sustained orbiting my sub-conscious many a moon. Although I worked with More-Medavoy Management merely a single year during my illustrious final stage of being in my twenties, just as your favorite pair of jeans, their style was never lost on me. So, hearing suddenly from this beloved tycoon was a boon for my esteem. (Albeit I’d emailed him to prompt a reply, but honestly was gambling on this magnate machine.) Seriously like two kids on a candy store spree, we kneaded one another’s knowledge, passion, and purpose for nearly an hour. What’s come of that instant I’ll call a hyperlink bonding to values already believed. Connectivity is king.

Gushing about Brian is exceedingly easy for me. If you have aspirations or barely bounce around fantasies, his blog writings are rocket fuel for honing one’s creativity. The biggest emphasis of influence he’s had on me is the empire of reminding me about stellar brainstorming. One’s networking geography doesn’t require location specificity. Similar to hunting for real estate, we don’t always land our intended capacity. However, it’s the various shapes of what it could take that crafts all the difference beyond what we’ve before seen. Probing is simply cuddled with producing in these terms of human victory. It’s not solely mandatory that I be in front of you to support you. Energetically, it’s choosing to analyze, identify, and sharpen our discovery that will uncover marvelous avenues maybe you never knew.

I’m curious, I want to know
I’m an idealist, I’ll let it show ~
Dusty Springfield, I Am Curious

No matter who and where you are there’s no way you’re going it alone. Even the ones furrowed in caves or diving solo beneath giant ocean waves are relying on things all around them to maintain their space. You could be eating the berries or bark from trees, as a captive to the forest, bears, and ripe sunbeams. However, that environment in itself is part of the force allowing your living in such unusual grids. We’re bound to the itches we lust to scratch. When we concede our innermost fads we’ve allured the power of consecration. Perchance you’re an actress blazing screens with your scream. Meanwhile, the expert rage coursing in your veins is built from a history of riots ceding your cultural ancestry. Potentially, you’re the idol yourself with a tattooed “mother” scar. All you ever hungered for was opening a bakeshop in her memory. Inviting the sacrament of conveying your interests is a devout step rubbing elbows with determination.

Detection and revelation are on par with locating buried treasure. Hoisted hopes provide room to better scheme. Conversing with Brian illuminated multiple driftings of my own inventions. It encouraged me to reconsider the honey I think the entertainment business has offered for me. Likewise, this extended to my feelings for his firm’s clientele. I’ve been marinating the suspicious delight that given an occasion to confer with all of these people, together we may constellate an entirely new portfolio of possibilities for each. No matter how much or where they’re performing now, I’ll venture we ante up some novel cash cows. It’s guidance along unparalleled paths that is often the match you were secretly storing that is meant to shine. Just as my awareness that sailing is part of my DNA which has everlastingly etched a vortex of distinct quality of flourishing for me. Romanticizing our preferred range is a perfect pace.

Finding Ourselves Every Which Way, Photo by BradensEye featurng Roberto Salas

Keep your compass focused on exploration and you’ll infinitely find starlight.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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