Calling on Angels, Photo by BradensEye courtesy of spiritual setting

The object of prayer is to give life great shape. Just as the quality of praying no matter what is happening, where you are, when it is, who is around, or what others think is the superior significance of an ability to pray. We’re so fastened with independence, acutely in our Western culture, we can quickly forget the value of addressing a sense of worship that is beyond our individual self. Even loads of devoutly religious and church-going humans I know fall far from the prayer tree. We get caught up in careers, kids, pets, status, money, fame, attention, or a host of ego evils (some aforementioned give or take your variable relationship to all). Our globally affected Generation Wealth would be wise to establish a generation prayer pledge instead. It’s always the right time to pray. It’s certainly beyond the right time to interrupt harrowing hate with a brave heart chock full of supportive, pleading, hopeful prayer.

Prayer — the world’s greatest wireless connection ~Anonymous

Be tremendous with your use of prayers for all regardful reasons. In an ever-growing, and highly debated, technological universe pushing our attention way more outward than inward it seems the absolute gratis gift of prayer should be on an upswing. Surrounding us are already too many proposals of distraction. To me, this presents even more cause for extra big gulps of prayer. Amuse the idea if people stopped at Starbucks or 7/11 to grab a quick prayer instead of a coffee or junk food? What a world this place might be. From an obvious emblematic Virgin Mary sculpture to the loving lick of my friends’ pet dog Wiley. I can hurl my prayers out the drivers-side window zipping down the highway at the height of a splendid or strictly suffering day. Casting a glance at the tents lining the streets, I say a prayer for the roofs above my head at night. Catching the weathered, sun-worn Hispanic man digging through trash bins for recycling, I approach him with a big smile and no English to my no Spanish. I am touched by him and prayers for my luck having never needed to forage this way strikes me to my core. I ask him to wait a moment as I rush to my wallet to pull a one-hundred dollar bill to give him (the only cash note I have). Prayer is that elementary and undemanding. Prayer is all around us.

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire? ~Corrie ten Boom

For many years I withheld prayer. Mostly it was odd thinking that I didn’t learn the practice as a home ritual. However, that would be an excuse due to the fact that I had been attending churches with friends often enough to know the guidance of how to place my two hands together, close my eyes, and speak aloud or silently to myself well enough. No, instead I’d let prayer trace a stigma of form and substance that was unrealistic. As soon as I stopped caring who watches my prayers or can hear them if I’m talking aloud the prayers created themselves in my head more times than I was ready to close my eyes to meet them in silent reverie. Sometimes it’s still a private game I play to test my resolve with my fear of my image feeling tainted. I’ll clasp my hands tightly smack together in perfect palms up pose for an “itadakimasu” style blessing in the middle of the fancy restaurant before eating my food to thank the animals, plants, chefs, farmers, and everything that went into me receiving such goodness. Capable, valiant, empowering prayer is better than any drug or energy drink I’ve ever tried!

When you feel like worrying, try praying instead. Worrying only creates more stress, but prayer creates more peace. God is bigger than whatever is stressing you out. ~Dave Willis

Full of praying everywhere has become a right playful antidote in my times of need, breathtaking awe, or whimsy to announce something to the air, sky, or my mind’s eye. Down on my knees, up in the trees, in the backseat of the car on a long drive, beneath the sun upon ocean seas — prayer is eternally there for me anyplace. Here is the twin of unconditional love. Prayer doesn’t care if you’re aiming for popular, an award, to be remembered, or if you’re safe, healthy, sane, magically inclined, Mr./Mrs. Moneybags, or else. The doors to prayer remain open in the darkness of thunderstorms, the battlefields of war, as the babies are born, jumping for joy with top test scores, and just as softly as butterflies float on by. Both a conversation starter and closer, prayer has the proficiency to welcome those that align with you and turn people away who aren’t your jive. My steady bouts of anxiety, where I speak my doubts, cozy against a mending tone that persistent prayer practice has taught me to trust.

Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. ~Soren Kierkegaard

Often the best steps are the easiest choices. However, we gloss over or past these items when we fail to acknowledge their inherent value. While many known prayer is worth more than the billionaires’ bank accounts, I hope that many more will grasp this strength in their lifetime. For all my esoteric thinking, I’ve enjoyed the philosophical question: If I could have a million dollars or prayer for my lifetime, which would I choose? If any of you have struggled with finances, just as I have or very much like the developing world eyes I’ve met, the answer does not always leap readily or the same when pondered over and again. Especially if you know me from being a less-than prayerful person for many spurts of my upbringing. I admit I’ve been at best for too many years a binge-purge prayer. More lately of decades I have little waffling and select the latter prayer option. I have no interest in attempting to imagine life lacking prayer. The big reveal for me came in the bounty of recognition that praying wasn’t requiring me to attend church, or assume a specific position, or even have to speak to God each time. Prayer is as uncomplicated or extensive as we wish to make it.

‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding. ~Alice Walker

More prayer anywhere opens the gateways for heavenly time while on Earth.

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